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Digital transformation in legal


“Clients — not lawyers — are now calling the shots…” Forbes


22% of law firms are losing clients to firms using software automation


Tech-savvy legal teams are boosting revenue with innovative new services

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Legal: modernizing a traditional sector

It's true that the legal sector hasn't been as quick to adopt digital solutions as other sectors, such as finance. But, by all accounts, digital transformation in legal is now well underway. According to Gartner, we can expect an increase of legal technology spend to approximately 12% of in-house budgets by 2025, a threefold increase from 2020 levels.

Top corporate legal departments and firms are now using technology to improve both business processes, business outcomes, and the service they offer to their clients. From automation to machine learning and artificial intelligence, leading firms are now using software to modernize a largely traditional profession.

Why is the legal industry going digital?

A shift in focus

The legal market today faces many challenges in this digital age, with perhaps the biggest being client pressure on legal services.

To client expectations, organizations are beginning to shift their focus outward, from internal measures of success such as hours billed to customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

It's impossible to provide the service clients expect if they're held back by inefficient legacy systems, time-consuming manual processes, and a general lack of innovation.

Legal sector challenges

  • Outdated processes make for error-prone work
  • Legacy systems make innovation difficult
  • Client expectations are adding pressure
  • Innovative legal organizations are stealing clients through the usage of technology
  • Highly skilled legal professionals are spending too much time on repetitive tasks
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What does this change look like?

The increased investment in legal technology is taking many forms. A different approach is needed by law firms, and we're seeing this with many leading law firms employing digital specialists to work alongside law professionals. Similarly, we've seen the introduction of the 'innovation hour', which affords law professionals the time to innovate, something the traditional billable hour model fails to do.

Though a little late to the party, the legal sector is now moving towards cloud-based computing, and reaping the benefits of improved security, collaboration, and accessibility.

The legal sector is even dipping its toes into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI tool, ROSS, has been assisting law firms with otherwise time-consuming research for the past few years. But perhaps a more common way that law firms are utilizing technology is through automation, as we'll see below.

“Clients — not lawyers — are now calling the shots and driving the transformation of the legal industry.”

mark_cohen_forbes Mark A. Cohen, Forbes

Corporate legal and legal tech

Legal professionals are highly skilled and their time is valuable. By automating processes, these professionals can focus on providing the best possible service to clients, instead of spending hours on simple, repetitive tasks.

Wolters Kluwer examines the future-readiness and resilience in the legal sector with insights from legal professionals across the United States and Europe. Giving you the following insights:

Gartner legal - Increasing importance of legal tech


Increasing importance of legal technology

"76% of legal professionals state that the increasing importance of Legal Tech will be the biggest trend to impact their organizations over the next three years ... whilst only 28% are ready"

Gartner legal - Growing importance of tech


Legal tech is vital for meeting client expectations

"81% of corporate legal departments will require prospective law firms to describe their technology use to be more productive and efficient – nearly double the rate of 41% asked in 2020"

Gartner legal - Firm profitability


Leading in legal tech raises profits

"62% of Legal Tech Leaders report that their profitability increased over the prior year, compared to 39% for Transitioning and 17% for Trailing firms"

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Case study:
30 hours to 30 minutes with legal tech by no-code

Betty Blocks was approached by an international law firm with more than 4000 lawyers and legal professionals at its disposal. The law firm's innovation manager opted to use the Betty Blocks low-code no-code platform to achieve 4 key goals:
With these goals in mind, the innovation manager and his team went on to build 25 apps using Betty Blocks’ low-code no-code platform — consisting of both apps that improve internal processes and client-facing apps.

Reducing a 30-hour process to 30 minutes, and saving at least one full week of development time, the law firm was able to achieve: applications that integrate with multiple web services, a back-end that handles vast amounts of data effortlessly and securely with no "time-lag", a standardized back-end across the entire firm, and updates deployed 5-10 times faster than with non-cloud-based applications.

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Why no-code over traditional coding for app development in legal?

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Law firms and citizen development

With Betty Blocks' drag-and-drop interface, law professionals can now contribute to building innovative software solutions. Read more about citizen development here.

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Enterprise-grade certainty

When it comes to the kinds of apps your law firm can build with no-code, the only limit is your imagination.

These leading enterprises are already using Betty Blocks to modernize with No-Code


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