Betty Blocks for CIOs

IT-Leaders such as CIOs and CTOs are increasingly turning to low-code platforms following an increased need for digital transformation. Low code enables CIOs to significantly speed up the development process of new solutions and rapidly deploy finalized products, all without the need for writing extensive code.

How Betty Blocks Helps CIOs:


Flexible software hosting options


ISO-Certified secure low-code platform


Mitigate Shadow-IT practices

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How Does a CIO Benefit From Betty Blocks Low-Code?

Low-Code development is a powerful complementary tool to traditional coding efforts. Build fully functional enterprise applications and tools to improve IT architecture. Apply risk mitigation strategies to avoid common roadblocks such as coding errors, security vulnerabilities, or deployment delays by integrating low-code into your technology toolkit. With low-code, developers can launch new applications up to 10 times faster, drastically reducing time-to-market. Business-critical applications can now be developed within a matter of weeks instead of months.
Rapid Application Development with Betty Blocks

Rapid Application Development

Prioritize rapid prototyping of new applications, alleviating pressure off the IT backlog. Low-code lends itself well to the developers being able to rapidly scale and develop business applications and tools to help teams work more efficiently and streamlined.

Collaboration is easily facilitated by getting end-users and stakeholders involved through citizen development, permission settings, and version control. Seize new market opportunities by combining rapid application development with the power of low-code. 


Satisfy Growing Software Demand

In order to facilitate the ever-growing demand for software, solutions, and tools, CIOs can use no-code components to build a framework and expand upon this with customizable low-code. Omit roadblocks in the development process with reusable components.


Manage IT Projects

Stay on track with mission-critical IT projects. Categorize and prioritize incremental updates and sprints to make sure that deadlines are met. Skilled developers already have their backlog swamped with keeping operations up and running.


Mitigate Shadow IT

Empower non-technical stakeholders such as analysts, designers, or team leaders to take ownership of the development of their own tools with IT to govern the process. Shadow IT can severely impact the quality and standards of a company’s infrastructure and business.

Role-Based Permissions

Govern the Software Development Life Cycle

With role-based permissions and version control in place, the Betty Blocks low-code platform gives CIOs a bird's-eye view of the entire development process from start to finish. By establishing good coding standards from the get-go within a governed low-code environment, CIOs can ensure increased productivity and cost reduction. Pre-built templates and reusable blocks take care of much of the boilerplate code, giving developers more time to focus on customizable components. Custom components can then be reused in future projects, speeding up the software development life cycle even more.

Testing products and updates can be done in a secure sandbox environment, ensuring that data points and security functions are in place. The low-code platform emulates all popular platforms, such as iOS, Windows, and Android, making it straightforward for QA specialists to report any issues, which can then be amended accordingly. This results in transparency throughout the SDLC.


Controlled Deployment

Deploy new solutions in record time with confidence. Low-code development enables CIOs to launch finalized products while strictly adhering to DoD parameters before deployment. Thanks to a reliable staging environment, developers are able to ensure the desired quality of the final product and reiterate or make necessary changes by rolling back versions. The versatility of low-code is reflected throughout the entire development process, from prototyping all the way to deployment. Ensure faster, more efficient, and streamlined delivery to end-users.


Cost-Saving Digital Transformation

By reducing the need for custom development and IT resources, low-code platforms can lead to cost savings for the organization. CIOs can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine application development tasks.


Future-Proof Systems

Low-code platforms are adaptable to fit legacy systems and expand on existing systems to make them more scalable to support growing business needs. With technical efforts up to date, sights can be set on new software endeavors without straining the IT backlog.


Enhance Collaboration

Train and enable business users to start contributing to the development process of new apps and tools. Foster communication, creativity, and shared ownership. Increase an organization’s capability to unlock new market segments by increasing cross-departmental collaboration.


Strategic Management of Data

Streamline the way data and information are handled within the organization. Low-code platforms' data management capabilities seamlessly integrate with existing databases. 

Likewise, low-code can be used to create internal tools and solutions befitting the organization’s IT structure to automate manual processes and enhance workflows. In terms of security, Betty Blocks maintains the highest standards within the industry and holds an ISO 27001 certification.

FAQ About the Betty Blocks Platform

How long will it take to build an app with Betty Blocks?

This depends on the complexity of the application. The Betty Blocks platform lends itself well to building intricate tools, as well as simple apps, to fit an organization’s needs. With the Betty Blocks 4-week guarantee, we ensure that standard applications can be launched within four weeks by providing you with pre-built templates and continuous support until deployment and beyond. 

How much does it cost to build an app with Betty Blocks?

Betty Blocks offers a subscription-based pricing model based on your criteria. You pay for the amount of users and storage as needed. This makes Betty Blocks extremely flexible to fit your business needs. As a customer of Betty Blocks, we also ensure full customer support availability during business hours.

How does Betty Blocks stand out from other low-code platforms?

Betty Blocks is the only low-code platform fully focused on business-led IT. Business developers build advanced apps with no-code templates and building blocks, while the low-coder adds new customized components to the toolkit.

What kinds of hosting options does Betty Blocks offer?

Betty Blocks offers the following hosting options: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-premise Hosting. 

Which third-party APIs are supported by Betty Blocks?

Betty Blocks integrates with most third-party-owned APIs such as Salesforce, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more. API integrations can be found in the Block Store. 

Can I get a demo of the Betty Blocks platform?

We offer a free hands-on demo with our platform experts, which can be booked here. In the meantime, check out the platform page to learn more about the capabilities of the Betty Blocks low-code platform.