Betty Blocks
Platform Overview

Blending the power of low-code with the simplicity of no-code into one powerful platform - that is our mission. Rapidly develop customer-facing apps, internal applications and tools without the need for writing code.

Build an app with Betty Blocks in 3 steps:


Design the UI of a business application using a drag-and-drop interface


Create a new or connect to any existing dataset


Assign action steps to workflows that make your app interactive

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Enterprise Low-Code App Development Platform

Betty Blocks is a cloud-based, low-code application development platform. The platform significantly speeds up the development time of enterprise software and applications without the need for writing code. Boasting a drag-and-drop interface, business users are able to design, define, and deploy business solutions in a matter of weeks instead of months.


Create apps and tools to grow with the business regardless of complexity.


Low-code automation to make processes adaptable and easily scalable.


ISO certification ensures the security of users and customers.

Visual modeling

Create visual data models to increase cross-department collaboration.


Integrate APIs with existing codebases to deploy new projects faster.


Gather critical business insights to optimize revenue flows through low-code.

Admin Control

Set permission roles and monitor version updates within our governed platform.

AI App Builder

Faster time-to-market thanks to built-in AI functionalities and features.

Citizen Development

Citizen developers to contribute to the successful adoption of new solutions.


Powerful Low-Code Platform Tools

The Betty Blocks low-code platform is equipped with a straightforward toolkit to help you realize your next big, innovative project in a timely manner. Use low-code to rapidly prototype innovative digital solutions with as few iterations as possible. What would normally take months of development can now be achieved in a matter of weeks with the Betty Blocks platform. Connect to a built-in database or use any existing data source to speed up development. Access your cloud-based workspace from any browser - no download required.
Powerful Low-Code Platform Tools

Page Builder

Use the no-code frontend builder to draw up comprehensive wireframes using a drag-and-drop interface. Convert wireframes directly to a prototype app within the platform. Whether you are building a web page or mobile application, you have full control over the design and layout.  


Intuitive Data Models

Choose how you wish to display and store data in your application. Define models, properties, and relations the way you see fit by using a user-friendly visual interface. Connect custom databases to integrate with your application seamlessly. 


Actionable Workflows

Add action steps through a visual interface instead of traditional coding to make your application interactive. Streamline workflows and automate processes using out-of-the-box functions. Whether you’re automating, recording data, or authenticating an action, Betty Blocks offers complete freedom. 


Block Store

One of Betty Blocks' unique features is the Block Store. Here, you will find a wide range of pre-built modules, components, functions, and themes to enrich your application. The Block Store is also equipped with popular APIs such as Google Maps or AI features to make building an app even faster. To maximize security, you can store custom blocks in the private, organizational, or public Block Store.


What can you do with Betty Blocks?

Stay ahead of the curve with agile technology that befits enterprise software. Betty Blocks gives you all the development t ools needed to innovate in a rapidly changing digital world. Anyone can use the platform, empowering tech-savvy employees to take ownership of creating their own solutions in accordance with IT requirements. 

App Development

Use no-code to create a fully functional app from start to finish. Utilize low-code capabilities for limitless customization.

Branded UIs

Create visually stunning web and mobile portals fully in line with the look and feel of your brand. Portals are fully responsive and can be optimized per device 

Data Management

Significantly speed up data-related tasks with pre-build and customizable workflows. Improve business reporting and analytics. 

Workflow Optimization

Seamlessly overcome hurdles by optimizing organizational workflows fitting the needs of every department.

Business Portals

Choose from any of the pre-set templates to build sleek customer-facing portals and tools that end users will love. 

Internal Tools

Leverage departmental productivity by creating internal tools that improve company-wide business efforts. 

Customizable and scalable toolkit

Betty Blocks comes with a built-in toolkit to help you kick off your app development project on the right foot. The platform comes with a wide range of templates comprising various use cases such as web pages, mobile applications, customer portals, invoicing systems, and much more. All templates can be augmented and altered through advanced functionalities and extensions, making the platform extremely versatile for your coding needs.


Reusable components

The platform enables you to build a toolkit consisting of reusable components, which allows you to set up a development process that becomes faster and more advanced over time, significantly increasing time-to-market.


Custom coding options

Whenever a user has a custom request for a platform functionality, a low-code developer can build this feature using the platform’s functionality to create fully customizable components from scratch.


Shareable solutions

Every feature created this way can be shared in your organization’s block store, meaning that when you start building a new application, you can use these features immediately instead of waiting for the developer to create them.


Combine Low-Code with AI

Supercharge your app development process with the Betty Blocks Low-Code AI toolkit for even faster time-to-market. Integration with AI models makes it even easier to create an app from scratch or augment existing tools and systems. Generative AI allows businesses to explore new territory for growth and revenue streams while being able to execute new ideas  in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional coding. Building a business app has never been easier with the power of LLM to support the development process. 


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Augmentend digital solutions

Augment Digital Solutions

We believe that software modernization should be accessible so that all teams can work more efficiently. Legacy systems can easily be augmented and improved using the Betty Blocks low-code platform. Add new features to existing digital solutions to make your applications scalable for both internal and external end-users. Being able to have complete control over updating internal tools and portals makes businesses stay competitive and agile. Rapidly develop custom APIs to modernize IT infrastructure without compromising on security while scaling with your organization’s requirements. 

IT-Governed Platform

What makes Betty Blocks the perfect solution for business-led development is its governed environment. Within the platform, admins can govern accessibility with role-based access and controls to ensure that applications are delivered with the desired quality. Be in control of which team members can edit, configure, or add to projects or work in a sandbox environment with version control. Stay on track while having key insights through platform monitoring and analytics.  


Platform admin






Citizen Developer



Business Technologist


No need to install software or deploy your application to a separate server. Instantly deploy your applications across all channels. Build new features and test them in the secure sandbox staging environment. Instantly deploy changes to your applications and see them live immediately. Fully automated and instant platform updates across all applications.

The Betty Blocks platform is also available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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Low-code integration platforrm

Betty Blocks can be used to connect existing applications, build functionalities on top of applications, or as a central source between multiple apps. We have a range of pre-built integrations on our block store, as well as the ability to integrate with anything else via a remote data source. Just go to the Block Store, stack your external services block on your application, and you’re good to go.

Connect Perfectly to Existing Legacy Systems
The platform fits into every IT landscape and provides modern possibilities for legacy systems. You can connect Betty Blocks to Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other tools. Can’t find the integration you need in the Block Store? No worries. Build your own AP in a low-code way with Betty Blocks. 


Container Orchestration

Accelerate application development with cloud-based container orchestration such as Docker or Red Hat. Connect seamlessly with the resources needed to deploy the application across multiple platforms without the need for reprogramming. The platform also gives the option to integrate with Kubernetes to automate the execution and deployment of containers even faster.

Flexible Hosting Options

We offer flexible and secure hosting options to suit your business needs. While the platform itself is initially fully cloud-based, we appreciate businesses’ need to be able to take security into their own hands. This is why we give organizations the opportunity to host their applications or infrastructure through an on-site server. Use Betty Blocks on-premise or through the public or private cloud without compromising on end results.

FAQ About the Betty Blocks Platform

Who can use the Betty Blocks platform?
Our no-code/low-code platform was created to give every person the development tools to build their own app, regardless of skill level. This means that both non-technical employees and programmers contribute to the development of new applications and tools to drive the business forward. 
What types of apps can I build with Betty Blocks?
Betty Blocks is mainly a business app builder for enterprises and organizations who wish to innovate their existing product suite. However, if you have a revolutionary new idea, then Betty Blocks can be used to bring your concept to reality.
Can I integrate the Betty Blocks platform with other development platforms?
Betty Blocks can augment and enhance software created on other app builder platforms, such as PowerApps.
How long does it take to develop an app with Betty Blocks?
It typically takes a few weeks to develop a small to medium-sized app. However, Betty Blocks does offer a 4-week guarantee where we build an application using any of the 35 pre-built templates.
Where can I get a demo of the platform?
We offer a free demo right here. Fill out the form, and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.
Can traditional developers use Betty Blocks?
Betty Blocks lends itself extremely well to alleviating stress from the IT backlog by extending the toolset available for software developers. Being a low-code platform, all components can be customized on an as-needed basis. Customizing components can be done as simple or as complex as desired, giving developers complete freedom over how they wish the application to function. IT members are able to streamline the development process for a smoother approach and lightning-fast results.