Betty Blocks for Enterprise Architects

Define the requirements and roadmap of new business technologies and solutions early on with low-code. Strategically plan and iterate sprints in a clear and governed platform to enable business technologists to collaborate with IT departments throughout the software development lifecycle.

Low-Code Benefits for Enterprise Architects


Create scalable enterprise software


Connect with existing business data models


Fully integrate with third-party cloud solutions

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How Betty Blocks empowers enterprise architects

While enterprise architects tend not to code themselves, they do play an integral role in the software development process. They are always on the lookout for the best tooling to drive digital innovation within the business. According to Gartner, 70% of all business applications will be developed through no-code or low-code means by 2025. The benefits of low-code lie in speeding up the development process while keeping costs low. It’s imperative that any applications created through low-code are secure, governed, and aligned with the existing IT landscape, now and in the future.
New application templates

Align on software requirements early on

We offer the possibility of going the full no-code route by using pre-built templates and configuring where necessary or importing data models. Low-code offers the perfect solution to customize any no-code application with custom requirements. This gives IT departments the freedom and flexibility to augment, extend, and scale internal business solutions. Low-code customization capabilities also make sure that solutions developed in this way fit enterprise criteria and can be made to fit the existing business IT infrastructure. On top of that, being able to respond to market changes, user requirements, or company policies keeps the business agile and competitive. 

Prototype quickly before development starts

Clear overview of ROI

Depending on the size of the project, bringing a low-code platform into the developer sphere can be a huge asset in optimizing the existing enterprise architecture software. The visual page builder offers the same integrity as traditional coding while emphasizing speed, making it perfect for quickly drawing up prototypes before development even starts. Once a specific block, function, or step has been built, tested, and validated, it can be accessed through the organization’s Block Store, where it can be reused for future projects. Not only does this significantly cut back on development time, but it also reduces the cost of the development process by being able to create enterprise-grade blocks.

Technical capabilities of Betty Blocks

The Betty Blocks platform allows developers to carry out their work in sandboxes for every phase of DTAP. To ensure that building, testing, and validating can be done without affecting any live data, a sandbox environment for each of the four different stages can be set up independently. Version control is an extra safety measure that allows developers to roll back any changes to a previous stage. The sandbox options in the Betty Blocks platform aim to make the Software Development Life Cycle as streamlined and error-free as possible in order to push new solutions to production faster compared to traditional development. For an extra layer of security and peace of mind, the Betty Blocks platform offers on-premises hosting besides the standard cloud hosting options.


Integrate with business processes

Betty Blocks offers a full range of front-end and back-end development suites with ISO 27001 security and third-party API integration. The low-code capabilities ensure that any tools or data sets can be linked to ensure that the application fits into the organization’s existing IT infrastructure. 


Agile development framework

Thanks to the incremental workflow and visual IDE that is used to build applications in Betty Blocks, the creation of software aligns with the Agile framework. Version control allows developers to reiterate any changes as needed, allowing developers to deliver results in governed sprints.


Eliminate technical debt

The pre-built templates and components that can be found in the platform have been designed to keep scalability in mind and come with full documentation for developer references. Betty Blocks also offers a secure and reliable testing environment to support the CI/CD pipeline.

Full suite of cloud solutions

Enterprise architects work with many different systems that have been carefully adapted to fit the organization’s software architecture. Betty Blocks takes great care in ensuring that any application developed on the platform integrates seamlessly with third-party API software and internal business processes. Apps created with low-code have the flexibility to integrate with existing software and tools used within the organization. Remote data sources allow for compatibility with organizational data sets, significantly reducing the time spent modernizing legacy systems. The entire platform is built with speed and security in mind, with third-party APIs supporting the entire development process. 

Risk management and governance

When it comes to having citizen developers built in a low-code environment, enterprise architects want to ensure that they are running a tight ship. Governance tools are essential to protect the software development process from turning into shadow IT. By setting permissions and roles, admins can keep a strategic overview of which blocks can be edited by which person, creating accountability throughout the entire workflow. 


The platform offers different application types and states, which can be set according to the project's scope and desired end result. Here, admins can create a governed building environment, putting risk management at the forefront. Within the platform, there are options to create apps meant for testing, training, or full-fledged production for end users. A Private Data Mode feature makes sure that runtime pages and APIs are only visible to users with the right permissions. 

FAQ about Betty Blocks for enterprise architects

Does Betty Blocks have any partners?

Yes, you can find the full list of partners on this page

Where do I find the integrations that Betty Blocks supports?

All integrations can be found in your account's Block Store, a library of APIs that is completely free of charge. If any API is missing from the Block Store library, developers can create their own and reuse it in future projects. 

How do I assess the cost of building an application with Betty Blocks?

It really depends on the scope and scale of the application. You can request a free demo so we can help you assess your use case and decide on the best way forward. 

Will my organization receive any support in building an application?

Of course! We have a dedicated internal support team ready to assist organizations in achieving digital success through low-code application development. 

What kind of applications and tools can I build with Betty Blocks?

The Betty Blocks platform can be used to build anything from internal tools to full-scale enterprise systems. Organizations operating in finance, legal, construction, and central governments are already creating applications using Betty Blocks. 

Can I get a demo of the Betty Blocks platform?

We offer a free hands-on demo with our platform experts, which can be booked here. In the meantime, check out the platform page to learn more about the capabilities of the Betty Blocks low-code platform.