Why Choose Betty Blocks?

We empower people from all sides of the organization to take ownership of innovation. Betty Blocks is not only a powerful low-code platform with no-code capabilities but also enables businesses to break down barriers by decentralizing software development.

Better together with Betty Blocks


Build bespoke applications up to 10x faster


Significantly reduce IT maintenance costs


Empower both IT and business users

20+ years of experience has got your back

In our 20+ years of experience, we've learned that successful innovation needs more than an application development platform. To become truly innovative, you need the right people, the right technology, and proven processes. 

Our mission is to help organizations become truly innovative by improving their approach to software development. The right way to digital innovation is through business-led IT. That’s why we deliver more than a low-code development platform. 

Putting people at the forefront

Our ultimate vision is citizen development, and this starts with offering a platform that enables business users to solve their own problems with digital solutions. Betty Blocks is built to make software development accessible and approachable to tech-savvy business users. We want businesses to be self-sufficient in the value that they create for their end-users and customers without overwhelming their IT departments. We enable businesses to create fusion teams consisting of citizen developers and business technologists to work alongside IT professionals so they collaborate on creating software with a high adoption rate.


Business-led IT

We help organizations become more innovative by improving and accelerating their approach to business-led software development. Employees from the business side are at the forefront of changes in the industry and thus have a good grasp of what can be done to improve or create software applications. 


Citizen Development

Team efficiency and productivity are increased when non-technical employees have the opportunity to create or configure software to fit their business needs. Innovation efforts really shine when software is created and becomes accessible to everyone. We call this citizen development, and it’s at the heart of the Betty Blocks platform. 


Fusion Teams

Betty Blocks fosters collaboration between people from a wide range of disciplines and skill levels through fusion teams. This approach helps organizations innovate smarter, faster, and, above all, collectively. We aim to get everybody involved in the application development cycle to achieve groundbreaking results together. 

“Because we can build applications faster and more effectively, we have been able to achieve up to 2x savings on the maintenance and development of applications. This contributes to the police's goal of maintaining a healthy balance of 60% maintenance and 40% development.”

Steven Hanekroot Steven Hanekroot, Product Owner Low-Code Platform - Dutch National Police

Decentralize software development

With Betty Blocks in their toolkit, businesses can achieve amazing results by bringing people together. By streamlining the development process and adopting new ways of working within an organization, not only will employee satisfaction rise but so will the overall competitiveness of the business. Staying agile puts you ahead of the curve in this fast-paced digital world. 


Gain competitive advantage (time-to-value)

Rapidly build and launch fully differentiating solutions in an iterative way. Launch solutions that are validated 40% to 60% faster than with traditional code. Rapid deployment of custom applications and innovative solutions grants a competitive edge by enabling quicker response to market demands and introducing new offerings faster than competitors.


Increased user satisfaction

Land new clients and increase existing client satisfaction with fully differentiating solutions that always adhere to changing client needs. Tailored applications built with user input result in improved user experiences and meet specific customer needs more effectively, leading to higher satisfaction levels and stronger customer loyalty.


Lower total cost of ownership

Reduced development and maintenance costs, decreased reliance on external resources, and optimized use of internal talent to lower expenses, allowing for better resource allocation and higher ROI on development efforts.


Increased Innovation, agility, and adaptability

Flexibility in development enables swift iteration and adaptation to changing business needs, ensuring organizations remain agile and responsive in an ever-evolving market landscape. Being big no longer means being the best. In today’s business landscape, we can see that companies that are able to adapt swiftly to user needs and market trends come out on top. 


Better team empowerment and collaboration

Empowering diverse teams, including non-technical staff, to participate in application development fosters a culture of innovation, unlocking creative problem-solving and novel approaches to business challenges. This also leads to increased employee happiness and attracts talent keen to drive digital innovation. 


Increased operational excellence

Operational excellence streamlines processes and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, providing businesses with cost efficiency, improved productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This strategy not only creates a competitive advantage but also promotes innovation, adaptability, and effective risk management, contributing to overall organizational success.


Helping you achieve success

We understand that building an application doesn’t happen without hitting some bumps in the road along the way. We have a team of customer success specialists ready to guide you through the development process as smoothly as possible. They are responsible for facilitating the customer on the road to success. Even after the launch and adoption of your application, our team is ready to advise you on how to keep up with the application’s maintenance. Being the architects of success, our experts not only support customers in their innovation endeavors but also think of how your organization as a whole can reach its digital goals. 

How we support customers


We help you identify the scope and requirements needed to develop a successful application that drives business value.


We have in-house professional services for each step of the innovation life cycle, from SDLC scans to premium development support. Should you ever hit a snag, we’re just a call away. 


Go-live plans support the successful adoption of the new application to ensure that the new software seamlessly integrates with the entire organization. 


The Betty Blocks 4-Week Guarantee.

A fully customized and integrated application ready to launch in four weeks with the Betty Blocks Guarantee.

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