Augment your product suite with a flexible low-code layer

Say goodbye to the limitations of your existing product suite. Add modern, cloud-based features to your products and platforms, and sell innovative digital products that excite end-users. Fully branded, integrated, and scalable.

Key benefits


Rapidly build new features in your products


Extend your platform capabilities


Offer innovative digital products

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Is technology holding you back?


Outdated product offering

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, and people are accustomed to pitch-perfect digital solutions that continuously adapt to their changing needs. Offering products that don’t align with modern expectations hurts your brand and leads to dissatisfied customers.


Platform limitations

The capabilities of your platform dictate the level of your possibilities. Outdated platforms can’t deliver what modern businesses need. This results in missed opportunities and a growing gap between you and competitors with modern technology.


One-dimensional offering

Modern clients expect modern services and multiple options to choose from. A lack of digital products leads to fewer available services and more reliance on single revenue streams. This results in dissatisfaction and more pressure on your existing lines of business.


Long development cycles

It's a problem when it takes a long time to deliver new solutions. Traditional development methods take too long and make it hard to change things quickly based on what people want, leading to missed opportunities.

Fadata adds customizable portal features to its products to cater perfectly to the unique needs and preferences of clients, agents, and providers.
Fizor uses Betty Blocks for its robust low-code capabilities in building customized portals integrated with ERP systems like JD Edwards, enhanced by OCR and AI technologies.
Lega empowers law firms and other enterprises to safely explore, assess, and implement generative AI technologies with solutions built on Betty Blocks

Break free from technology limitations

Betty Blocks offers a low-code platform that excels in enhancing existing solutions, UI brand experience, and rapidly building new solutions. With Betty Blocks on top of your existing systems, you:

Add modern features to your product suite

Add modern features and capabilities to your existing product suite, such as portals and workflow automation, to enhance client experiences and customer satisfaction.

Augment existing systems

Add an innovative low-code layer around your existing systems without having to go through extensive migration projects and enhance them with modern cloud functionality.

Add new lines of business

Introduce new products and services to your customers with branded or white-label solutions to enhance client satisfaction and increase revenue with, for example, subscription models.

Integrate and unify brand experience

Centralize dispersed technology by gluing them together with Betty Blocks’ integration capabilities, leading to an elevated and unified user experience.

Rapidly launch new solutions

Rapidly add new functionality to existing solutions or build new ones from prebuilt templates or from scratch. Thanks to the low-code environment, solutions are launched in record time.

Flexible licensing

We offer extreme flexibility when it comes to licensing, and we aim to mirror your model to prevent unpredictable costs and offer you the possibility to scale your company in your preferred manner.

Betty Blocks offers a low-code platform built for flexibility, scalability, and extensibility



Create fully bespoke solutions in line with the look and feel of your brand



Create and reuse custom components for even faster development



Enhance existing systems and way of working with integrated solutions

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