Experience the benefits of a GDPR Assessment Application

Through a GDPR assessment application, law firms and departments provide their clients with an app to assess their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and its associated laws and regulations. Combine your firm or department’s human expertise with technological abilities, optimizing GDPR compliance assessment through a fully customizable, secure, and cloud-based tool.



Product features

  • Dynamic questionnaires
  • Customizable PDF report
  • In-app contact request for legal professionals
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

The power of a GDPR assessment application

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Europe’s data privacy and security law which was put into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR imposes privacy obligations and the regulated processing of personal and customer data onto all organizations offering goods and services to, or collecting any data on people in the EU. Known as the toughest data security law in the world, the GDPR consists of hundreds of pages worth of requirements and guidelines for organizations, and heavy fines and penalties in case of breaches.

Through a GDPR assessment application, law firms and legal teams establish a digitized, standardized, self-service process that saves time and resources and elevates their customer offer. Users are then guided through a dynamic questionnaire, composed of questions regarding GDPR sections. The application assesses levels of compliance and completion according to answers and collates this into an overall score reflecting how well an organization’s privacy policy meets GDPR requirements. A downloadable report is generated demonstrating the current situation, and the specific focus areas for improvement necessary to reach full compliance.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms can fully customize a GDPR assessment application that digitizes and facilitates a crucial client offer. Provide your new and existing clients with the best support and ensure their full compliance with GDPR requirements through one digitized, customizable, fully integrated LCNC platform.