Betty Blocks Evaluation Guide

Uncover all the company, platform, technology, and implementation basics of Betty Blocks in this handy guide

Developing in Betty Blocks

This section covers the fundamental features of Betty Blocks’ no-code platform that enable business and professional developers to build applications far quicker and easier than with traditional coding methods. Here you will also find a brief overview of the different types of applications you can build with Betty Blocks plus some guidelines for the various developer roles.


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Platform components

Betty Blocks enables developers to build high-performance, low-impact applications for organizations of any size. Here you can learn about the specific components and functionality that are available in the development environment which are available to citizen or professional developers. Everything from UI pages and actions to hosting options can be found in this section.


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Organizational functionality

Taking on new digital transformation tools can be daunting for enterprise IT departments but it doesn’t have to be. Betty Blocks’ cloud-based platform makes integration, data management, and implementation easy right from the start and we will cover everything you’ll need to know about getting started here. Whether you’re looking to build solutions on your own, work together with our developers or training options for citizen developers, there are multiple options for implementation and onboarding.


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Betty Blocks is on a mission to democratize software development for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, we are not alone in this mission with a network of talented, like-minded partners taking on Betty Blocks' no-code platform as their citizen development platform of choice. Thanks to their involvement more businesses than ever are using no-code to innovate faster, transform outdated processes, and future-proof their organizations.


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Getting started with Betty Blocks

Application development is a process that is likely dictated by your access to the manpower and technical resources available. Traditionally this would require a significant time commitment from IT departments but with Betty Blocks there are a few different options available. Whether you want to implement citizen development, adopt no-code for your IT pros, or simply need a solution built quickly we can help you get started.


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