Legacy Modernization

Betty Blocks provides businesses with the speed, agility, and scalability needed to adopt new technologies through low-code. Our platform makes legacy modernization fast and cost-effective thanks to its visual coding capabilities, which fit seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure, database, or (legacy) system.


Augment outdated systems with modern capabilities


Combine multiple existing functions into new composite applications


Support core systems during Cloud-migrations

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Turn outdated systems into modern software

Inflexible systems are increasingly leading to slower innovation and are deemed a poor fit with new processes and requirements, resulting in the business's inability to keep up with modern market demands. However, companies can refrain from software modernization because replacement is simply not feasible due to the risk of data loss or incompatibility with internal processes. Betty Blocks offers organizations the ability to incrementally improve and augment without disrupting business operations, resulting in safer application modernization.

Improve processes

Eliminate manual processes, forms, and sheets by adding modern features with low-code. Improved workflows lead to the business being more agile.

Reduce costs

Keeping legacy systems operational is costly, low-code offers a speedy solution by providing developers with pre-set templates.

Extend flexibility

Add branding elements or extended role-based permissions to existing applications without going through full-scale migrations.

Deliver at scale

Use the cloud-based visual code builder to quickly create and iterate on the desired solutions, delivering projects at enterprise scale.

Patch security risks

Unsupported systems can pose a significant security risk. Use low-code to increase security and mitigate compliance issues.

Future-proof solutions

Scale existing solutions, such as HighQ, effortlessly to grow with the business in a secure and governed low-code environment.


Examples of systems modernized with low-code

Off-the-shelf or no-code solutions are good for improving workflows on a departmental level but don’t lend themselves well to optimizing enterprise core systems. With Betty Blocks, development teams have the necessary tooling to compose extended functionalities on top of existing systems and gradually update outdated systems to fit modern requirements, thanks to the platform’s powerful integration capabilities.

Augment existing IT systems

Organizational systems need to be maintained and updated continuously to keep up with business demands. More often than not, any work done to legacy software comes with lengthy development cycles and is carried out too late. This means that it is harder for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and be competitive. With Betty Blocks, development teams are able to extend existing systems with new functionalities on an as-needed basis at a fraction of the time and cost, thanks to the platform’s intuitive visual coding environment.


Build high-end portals to optimize user journeys and streamline how data is stored and handled.


Set governed roles and permissions to keep systems with multiple users secure and in line with company protocols.

Web Pages

Design and launch user-friendly and mobile-optimized web pages to support online visibility and commerce.

Data Connection

Speed up how data is entered, handled, and processed by adding low-code capabilities to existing processes.


Augment existing systems with form fields - or create new forms from scratch - for optimized data capture.


Automate manual processes through cloud-based and AI functionalities and make the business more agile.

New Database Properties

Seamlessly create new database properties to do more with your existing data.

Data Visualization

Extend and optimize how data is shown within the organization.

Data Centralization

Pull data in from various sources to centralize all your data in a single place.


Custom and AI integrations

Betty Blocks is the only low-code platform for business-led IT that gives you true freedom to integrate with legacy applications in a no-code way. All developer roles can connect to any web service and database via the Block Store in just a few clicks, making it very easy to use. You can connect with existing core systems using any API REST / SOAP. In the Block Store, users can find a myriad of popular third-party APIs. Skilled developers can also add their own custom APIs here, so they are only available for their organization. This helps to customize and innovate solutions to fit modern core systems, resulting in unique products and services. 


Cloud system modernization

Since most ERPs and other core systems were built in the 1990s, they run on on-premises hardware, making migration to the cloud lengthy and expensive. Maintaining outdated hardware is costly and can significantly slow down the business and hamper technological innovation.  With remote work and hybrid work becoming more prevalent, employees need to be able to access systems from any location.


Companies urgently need to move their data, tools, and systems to a cloud-based environment, but doing so can temporarily impede business operations. Betty Blocks offers a seamless transition to cloud-based solutions by allowing developers to build the desired functionality or solution on the platform first. Here, it can be tested and validated thoroughly to fit the requirements needed to augment the outdated system. This type of software modernization means that organizations will not experience any downtime in their services while legacy migrations are being carried out. 

Augmentend digital solutions

Fits seamlessly in every enterprise architecture

The Betty Blocks platform fits seamlessly into your enterprise architecture and internal standards. Betty Blocks likewise integrates into the existing enterprise software development life cycle (SDLC) and adds value by delivering apps in enterprise environments. Enterprises have a standardized way of working and often do not want to adjust to the tooling they buy. When a new tool or solution is built, it needs to fit into the architecture and working processes the organization already has. The Betty Blocks platform fits perfectly within existing enterprise IT architectures, as we comply with enterprise-level delivery standards, making it fit seamlessly in the SDLC and CI/CD pipeline.

FAQ about legacy modernization with low-code

What is application modernization?

Any long-standing business has to face legacy modernization at some point. It involves the incremental augmentation, extensions or overhaul of IT software than can no longer fulfil modern requirements. 

Will I be able to maintain new systems built with low-code?
Yes. All solutions built with Betty Blocks are stored in the Cloud and can be extended, augmented, or optimized as needed. We also continuously update to ensure you are running the latest version of the platform.
Is it safe to update legacy software with Betty Blocks?

Yes, Betty Blocks complies fully with industry standards and holds an ISO 27001 certification to ensure data security.

Is it faster to update legacy systems with low-code than compared to traditional code?
The Betty Blocks platform offers built-in templates for forms, portals, web pages, and data tools to give developers the ability to customize using traditional code.