Experience the benefits of a Document Review Application

Through a digitized Document Review Application, legal firms and departments are empowered and optimized with a tool that streamlines, speeds-up, and enhances the document revision process. Ensure that all documents are properly reviewed, revisions consistently made, comments resolved, and the right versions used through a self-serve solution which saves time across your organization.



Product features

  • Dashboarding and reporting capabilities
  • User capabilities and permissions management
  • Email notification system
  • Data table
  • Integrations with existing infrastructure




  • Optimize your document revision process through a secure, streamlined, and efficient application.

  • Decrease time spent on document revision: assigning responsibility, sending documents and communication between knowledge holders, and waiting for approvals.

  • Eliminate inevitable human errors and oversights through an application that ensures that correct and updated versions of documents are sent to the right stakeholders.

  • Assign and delegate document review tasks to the correct knowledge holders for the most efficient, accurate, and high-quality document production.
  • Ensure that projects and document reviews are completed and deadlines are consistently met by configuring deadlines into your application.


  • Standardize, streamline, and upgrade your approach to your document revision process.

  • Simplify your document revision and approval process through one centralized, user-friendly application.

  • Enable your legal team or department to deal with large volumes of documents in need of revisions.

  • Track and oversee the status of all of the documents on your revision dashboard: those waiting, in progress, or finalized.

  • Integrate with your existing technology infrastructure and applications to optimize your document revisions end-to-end.

Bespoke and secure

  • Configure your document review application to your firm’s exact needs, and secure and govern your revision process end-to-end.

  • Customize your document revision tool to integrate specific criteria, deadlines, settings, and quality control.

  • Configure bespoke user capabilities and access to ensure information is always secure and viewed by appropriate parties.

  • Maintain consistent standards and reviewing policies throughout your documents using a standardized process.

  • Minimize the risks of any confidential information or internal discussions being viewed by external parties, optimizing your data security.