No-Code whitepapers

The No-Code Solution to your Digital Transformation
The whitepaper The No-Code Solution to Your Digital Transformation explains how to approach your digital transformation if you are a CIO looking to change your organization or how to make amendments if you have already made changes that have turned out to be ineffective.
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The Ultimate Guide to No-Code
The Ultimate Guide to No-Code dives into everything there is to know about no-code. From how no-code works to practical implementation cases from around the world. Download it today and discover how no-code will change the way your business develops applications... forever.
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The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform
Are you an experienced developer or an IT professional? This whitepaper will give you a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of the Betty Blocks platform. We don’t want to tell you what you already know — it’s a no-nonsense look at how the magic happens.
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An Introduction to Rapid Application Development
Products that exceed expectations. Faster time-to-market. Better alignment between business and IT. It’s no wonder that leading organizations are using rapid application development and no-code platforms to beat the competition and drive innovation. Find out how in our RAD whitepaper.
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Citizen Development whitepapers

Governing Citizen Development
Citizen development is a topic that is going to dominate boardrooms within the next 5 years, and every company should have a strategy. To make sure you have a solid head start as a frontrunner, we’ve made a guide so that your citizen development implementation is a smooth ride.
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The Rise of the Citizen Developer
Citizen Developers represent a full-on paradigm shift of how we think about software development, and who can be a developer. This whitepaper will provide you with a guide to navigate the changing tide, and give you tips on how to implement Citizen Development successfully.
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Getting Started with Citizen Development
This whitepaper is a guide for IT departments to use so they can structure and implement Citizen Development effectively. Complete with organizational diagrams and explanation of developer roles, you’ll get the insights you need to get started with Citizen Development.
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Industry whitepapers

No-Code on Trial: The Case for Digital Transformation in the Legal Profession
In this whitepaper, we’ll take a closer look at some of the challenges faced by law firms today, both in terms of achieving current goals and creating opportunities for growth. We’ll explore why the legal profession should be looking to implement digital transformation strategies without delay.
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Innovation Within the Government Sector
In this whitepaper, we’ll introduce you to five Dutch government organizations that use Betty Blocks to realize great digital results. The focus is on smaller applications that integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems or run stand-alone.

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Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry
Competition from agile FinTech startups. Changing regulations. An increasingly tech-savvy consumer-base hunting for the fastest, easiest, and most secure services. In this whitepaper, we look at how no-code technology enables financial services organizations to rise to these challenges and more.
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Bite-sized content

Betty Blocks Platform Capabilities
In this guide, you’ll learn all of the options available to developers when the time comes to choose a hosting option, integration methods, and compatible programming languages for custom modules.
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Getting Started With Betty Blocks: What Are My Options?
In this one-pager, we’ll examine the 2 main ways to use the Betty Blocks platform: single app solution and strategic implementation. We’ll also show you how both of these options can work together in helping you achieve your long-term goals.
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Modernizing Enterprise Architecture with Citizen Development
Core business applications and software might be worth their weight in gold but create a challenge for IT professionals. Between data dependencies and outdated tools, rapid innovation just isn't possible... or is it? Download our guide and uncover modern, no-code solution.
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How to Turn Your Idea Into an Application With Betty Blocks
This infographic shows the software development process at Betty Blocks. It demonstrates how you get from idea to working applications in 7 simple steps. With our guiding support, we make sure everything is in place for you and your business to start no-coding.
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The Why, How, and Who Behind Betty Blocks
Ever wondered what Betty Blocks is all about or how we got started? This onepager will show you why we do what we do and the values that help drive every decision we make. After reading, you might not be a citizen development expert but you'll definitely know Betty Blocks!
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Analyst Report

The Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
Betty Blocks is named a Visionary for the second consecutive year and acknowledged for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.
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