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The Betty Blocks story

A little background

The future of our story is strongly connected to our history. It all began in 2007, with two Dutch brothers who were always searching for new solutions to their entrepreneuring challenges (in their parents’ attic, true start-up style). At one point Tim (right), the older brother - who didn’t have any knowledge of programming - got fed up and yelled, “How is it possible that technology is actually holding me back from reaching my goal? Why can’t I build business applications by myself, without learning a difficult programming language?” Younger brother Chris (left), not one to back down from a challenge, accepted the task. And with a battle cry of “Game on,” Betty Blocks was born.


Why we do what we do

The Betty Blocks culture

This is who we are

Culture is something that’s very important within the Betty Blocks family. We like to think we’re an easygoing, energetic and hard-working group of friends and family who are passionate about the thing we do: making application development as simple as riding a bike. Ambitious, eager and enthusiastic, but always willing to push the boundaries of innovation for our customers.


While the competition focuses on scaling and selling fast, we focus on building our legacy and being of value to the community. Working with Betty Blocks means you are part of our family and you feel that in everything we do. We want to build the future together and have fun while doing it, true Betty Blocks style.

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