Paying for end users is a thing of the past

Betty Blocks is priced to meet your needs, whatever the size of the job. Pricing is based on how many Building Blocks are needed to build your application(s) - never on how many users.
Building Blocks
Cloud Type
Service Level Agreement
1 application €1000

per month

3 applications €3000

per month

6 applications €6000

per month

100 300 600 + 100 (free bundles)
1 Application 3 Applications 6 Applications
public cloud public cloud public or private cloud
2 GB 6 GB 12 GB
Standard SLA Standard SLA Tier 1 SLA included

100 Extra Building Blocks Bundle

For example: Let’s say you need an enterprise project approval or expense reporting application for your company, which will support 5600 users. With Betty Blocks pricing based on the number of Building Blocks needed to build the application, the app would cost €12,000/year. The same app would be 10x more expensive with other vendor's pricing model based on number of users, running over €100,000.
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