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Betty Blocks is priced to meet your needs, whatever the size of the job. Pricing is based on how many Building Blocks are needed to build your application(s)- never how many users (read more below).

100 300 600 + 100 (free bundles)
1 Application 3 Applications 6 Applications
Public Cloud Public Cloud Public or Private Cloud
2 GB 6 GB 12 GB
Standard SLA Standard SLA Tier 1 SLA included
Get started Get started Get started

100 Extra Building Blocks Bundle

How it works

What does each Block do? A Model is a database table, for example a table that stores customer data. An Action is application logic, which lets you do actions like a web service call to SAP to get all customers back and send an email. A Page, well, a page is page. A page could show an editable table with customer data. A Webservice is used for communicating with an external data source, for example using the Google Translate API.

How to determine which tier is best for you

Models, Pages and Actions all cost one Building Block. A webservice costs 10 Building Blocks. Not sure what you need? Just reach out and we’ll go through it together.

Be successful with Betty Blocks

Truly no-code

Our platform comes with drag-and-drop tools for extremely rapid app development, without coding. Providing a WYSIWYG editor for developers and citizen developers, to quickly design customized workflows and functionality.

#Ignite the digital transformation

Looking to accelerate the digital transformation in your organization? The Betty Blocks platform allows you to rapidly build, test and implement innovative applications. Start making your business future-proof, start building with Betty Blocks. Schedule a demo or contact us

#Get ready for the future of mobile!

Ready to build your future-proof mobile app? Our platform is multi-device ready with a fully customizable front end, specifically for mobile devices. Schedule a demo or contact us

#Create a custom CRM application and outsmart the competition

Your CRM application can be used as a competitive advantage to outsmart the competition. This is exactly why your CRM should fit your business, not the other way around. Use Betty Blocks to build your own custom CRM and start accelerating your business. Schedule a demo or contact us

#Get more done with a custom project management application

The only way that project management objectives can be met is through the use of effective project management software. The Betty Blocks platform allows projects to be completed better, faster and cheaper. Schedule a demo or contact us

#Branded Self Service portal

Having a reliable, branded self-service portal that your customers can turn to can help you reduce costs, ticket volume and increase efficiency. Schedule a demo or contact us

People are passionate about Betty Blocks

Roel Bouwman
Teamlead software development at Sligro

Roel Bouwman's challenges
  • Dreads shadow IT
  • Interested in bimodal IT
  • Application portfolio management

"It's a great feeling to cut your backlog in half"

I empower the business by letting them build their own applications. I am basically expanding my developer workforce without long hours of training and support.

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Armand Haan
Owner Beer in a Box

Armand Haan's challenges
  • No HTML or JavaScript experience
  • Has never built an app
  • With only 2 days of platform training

"I was surprised I could build my own advanced app"

I developed an app within two days, without any app development experience to solve a critical business problem that had been bugging me for months.

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