Experience the benefits of a KYC Application

Empower your workforce with a Know Your Customer Application enabling an efficient, digitized, and fully secure process of potential customers’ identity verification. Build a fully bespoke application based on your internal policies and regulatory guidelines, quickly onboarding customers, mitigating any potential risks, and ensuring you consistently represent the right clients.




Product features

  • Dynamic questionnaires
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Bespoke user capabilities
  • In-app responsibility allocation
  • Integration with existing applications and infrastructure
  • Notification and reminder systems

The power of a KYC application

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process of performing background checks and verifying the identities of the companies and individuals you are looking to do business with. A KYC method ensures the identity verification, potential risk profiles, financial profiles, and any potentially illegal activities of your proposed clients. This is crucial for any law firm or department to mitigate any customer risk. Performed manually, background validation and checks are time-consuming and lengthy. Digitizing and optimizing customer identity verification, thus, is a top priority for legal firms.

By providing your firm or department with a Know Your Customer App you create a digitized, standardized, and secure process around client verification. Ensure that each client is reviewed consistently, quickly, and accurately, while maintaining a complete, updated, and secure database of your clients and audit trails. When starting a new KYC, users are guided through a fully customized dynamic questionnaire incorporating your organization’s internal policies and regulatory guidelines. Integrate functionality for assigning responsibilities to specific users through slack or email notifications. As well as integrating with your existing applications and infrastructure to digitize the process end-to-end.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build KYC solutions that securely digitize a crucial internal process. Provide your workforce with a solution that frees up time and resources, streamlines the validation process, empowers you to mitigate and manage risk through one digitized, customizable, fully integrated LCNC platform.