The Betty Blocks 4-Week Guarantee: Your first custom application ready-to-launch in just four weeks!

With the Betty Blocks 4-Week Guarantee, we show you how to build innovative applications that immediately deliver value for your business. The process is simple, first, you choose an application. Next select your customizations, such as features and integrations. Then, four weeks later your application is ready to launch. The 4-Week Guarantee has a fixed price, assured scope, and defined timeline.
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check-green Choose any of the 35+ applications
check-green Fully customized and integrated
check-green Fixed price, no hidden costs or surprises!

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The steps to the 4-Week Guarantee

4WG - Step 1


Choose an application

The first step is to choose from our list of 35+ applications. We offer applications across 6 domains: Knowledge management, contract lifecycle management, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), project management, billing control, as well as case and matter management. In our Guide to the 4-Week Guarantee, you can view the full list of applications that we offer.


4WG - Step 2


Customize to your needs

In the next step together we scope out the application to your specific needs. This can be specific features that you would like the application to have, the styling and branding ensuring it is in line with your business. We also will discuss the integrations that this application will need to communicate with. We will make sure that the application is customized to your specific needs.


4WG - Step 3


Project Kick Off

After we have agreed upon the features of your application we will have a project kick-off. At this moment you will meet the team who will build your first Betty Blocks application. They will detail the approach to the development, testing, and deployment of your application. Then we are ready to go and four weeks later your application will be ready to launch, guaranteed!

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