Augment HighQ with Betty Blocks

HighQ can be restrictive when it comes to providing both external and internal users with custom tools, interfaces, and portals. Betty Blocks offers a no-code platform with low-code capabilities to integrate with HighQ for add-ons, augmentations, customizations, integrations, and extensions where necessary.

Integrate Betty Blocks with HighQ to:


Build branded self-service portals for clients


Create more flexibility between internal tools and HighQ


Augment data handling capabilities and form inputs

Boost HighQ with Low-Code

While HighQ boasts a solid tool suite, some organizations are not satisfied with the level of customization, security guarantees, data handling capabilities, or other aspects. This is why they opt for a low-code platform like Betty Blocks, which allows them to create custom add-ons to integrate with HighQ and make the tool more extensive and powerful.

Branded Design

Create company-branded client portals with self-service and custom web pages.

SSO Secure

Add role-based permissions and SSO login on client-facing applications.


Build custom data connections between internal tools and HighQ.


Create event-specific notifications to send to clients and employees automatically.


Completely configure how reports are generated and which data is shown.


Automate how requests are sent and approval is given on time-sensitive documents.


Build extended workflows

The Betty Blocks platform lends itself well to augmenting, streamlining, and improving workflows through low-code. By creating custom action steps and connecting them to internal databases, organizations can use Betty Blocks to add extended functionalities to existing processes to fit their business needs. By integrating Betty Blocks with HighQ data sets, manual tasks can be automated easily, streamlining workflows and increasing operational efficiency.

File Sharing

HighQ gives firms the ability to share forms internally and externally between the organization and clients. By integrating Betty Blocks, HighQ can function as the primary platform for file sharing but with an extra layer of custom functionalities thanks to our low-code capabilities. Granular permissions on who can view and edit documents offer a flexible way to keep files secure within the organization. 

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Virtual Data Room

The VDR is crucial in managing the due diligence process in transactions. For large-scale firms, handling large sets of data can clog up servers and processes if the IT infrastructure is not able to scale well. Integrate Betty Blocks with iManage and iSheets to optimize how data is handled by the internal IT infrastructure. Add-ons can be created to bulk edit large volumes of data while maintaining a tight grip on version control. 

Law transition Calculation

Transaction management

Boost the capabilities of HighQ, iManage, and iSheets with Betty Blocks to make transactions, portfolio management, trading position monitoring, claims tracking, and other tasks more streamlined. The Betty Blocks platform comes fully equipped with robust templates that can quickly add extended capabilities to HighQ’s transaction management features. 


Task and Project management

Agile task management, timelines, calendaring, and project management tools are key features that can be augmented with the Betty Blocks low-code platform. Use Betty Blocks to foster better online collaboration and negotiation processes by creating applications that integrate with HighQ and iManage documents.  One of the features that many organizations struggle with when using HighQ is controlling how clients can enter data. For example, there might be missing input field types, or the employee might not be notified when a document has been uploaded from the client’s side. Betty Blocks offers no-code and customizable low-code solutions to fill in the important gaps within the HighQ platform. 

Improved Client Engagement

Optimize how the organization interacts with key associates through customized interfaces. While HighQ itself offers solid functionalities to build workflows, portals, data forms, and document-sharing options, there is little room for custom design and data input configuration. By integrating with Betty Blocks, the organization is able to create custom applications and features that work in tandem with the capabilities of HighQ to extend its initial capabilities. This results in better services, higher customer satisfaction, and scalable solutions that grow with the business.



Create user interfaces boasting the firm’s brand and color scheme that allow clients to manage their HighQ data in a self-service way. By using pre-built templates to cover the application logic, organizations can create visually stunning customer-facing portals. Betty Blocks also offers the ability to extend data input fields with more options and functionalities, such as multi-select and bulk edits.


Document management

With a Betty Blocks integration, document handling and storage can be automated by creating action models that connect to HighQ’s document management system. Create portals where clients can securely upload documents to the firm’s database and receive automated notifications when a document is ready for review. Manage how data is fed into iSheets and have complete control over permission settings.


AI due diligence

Create automated due diligence checklists with Betty Blocks to power HighQ's capabilities even further. Betty Blocks can be used as a bridge to connect with intelligent AI integrations such as Copilot, OpenAI, and ChatGPT to swiftly and accurately create application logic, which can be used to ensure solid due diligence on transactions, contracts, and other important tasks.


Security, governance, and SSO

When it comes to the integrity of sensitive data, organizations might want to opt for having complete control over how data is shared, processed, and stored. With Betty Blocks, users can extend the process of setting up and executing granular and role-based permissions. SSO can be added to login pages of customer- and employee-facing portals and can be easily configured within the Betty Blocks platform. On top of that, Betty Blocks offers the choice between shared hosting, private hosting, and on-premises hosting. Thanks to our ISO27001 certification, we are committed to making sure that all sensitive data on the platform is adequately protected.

FAQ about augmenting HighQ with Betty Blocks

What is Betty Blocks best used for?

The Betty Blocks platform is designed to add missing features or extend capabilities to existing tools such as HighQ. However, Betty Blocks can also be used to build new applications from scratch 

Why should I use Betty Blocks to augment HighQ features?

Betty Blocks gives organizations the visual development tools needed to extend the features offered in HighQ. With our low-code platform, businesses can create branded self-service portals, build connection points to integrate internal tools with HighQ, and improve overall workflows through automation and customization.

How do I know if my use case is right for Betty Blocks?

If you are unsure about whether Betty Blocks is a good fit for your use case or have any questions about how to use Betty Blocks, you can schedule a personalized demo with one of our Solution Architects. 

My use case is not described on this page. Can I still use Betty Blocks?
If you’re unsure if Betty Blocks is a good fit, we’re more than happy to provide you with a personalized demo where we can assess and validate your specific use case together.