Experience the benefits of a Non-Disclosure Agreement Generator

Through a digitized NDA Generator, legal firms and departments can create NDAs which are fully customizable, properly governed, documented, automated, and efficient. Provide your employees with a self-serve solution that saves time across your organization and optimizes your customer offer.



Product features

  • Dynamic and bespoke questionnaires
  • Customizable themes and in-house styles
  • Integration with existing applications
  • (Internal and external) Workflow approvals
  • Auditing and reporting functionalities
  • User capabilities and permissions management

The power of a Non-Disclosure Agreement generator

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (confidentiality agreement or confidential disclosure agreement) is a binding contract where all signing parties make a mutual agreement to keep specific information confidential. This can be confidential information regarding employment or service, purchase or sale, invention or patent, etc. NDAs are crucial, but a time-heavy and complex responsibility for legal departments. Through the use of an NDA Generator, the process is optimized, digitized, and governed end-to-end.

With an NDA generator, users can self-serve, customize, and edit agreements according to their needs. Users are guided through questionnaires that enable the creation of complete and bespoke NDAs based on customizable templates and designs (provided by the legal department). This saves time and decreases dependency across your organization while eliminating errors and the use of inappropriate or outdated templates inevitable in manual work. Meanwhile, your legal department controls the NDA content, constantly ensuring compliance with internal and external (legal) requirements. The process is governed end-to-end as your legal department coordinates user capabilities, as well as oversees and audits a fully digitized and transparent process.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build an NDA Generator, automating and optimizing a crucial process. This allows all your NDAs to be created, distributed, and signed on one digitized, fully integrated, configurable, and customizable LCNC platform.