Application Governance

Application governance is crucial for protecting application integrity, increasing data security, and mitigating compliance issues. After all, applications built without the governance of the IT department is shadow IT. With Betty Blocks, users can develop their applications with governance in mind. Our extensive governance tools help you set permissions and roles and edit them as necessary.

Why app governance is important:


Create apps that are secure and protect against unauthorized access


Stay in control of user permissions, product changes, and patches


Ensure that applications built through citizen development are compliant

Add governance tools to any application

We provide clients with the necessary guardrails to create software in line with IT industry standards. Here at Betty Blocks, we are firmly committed to enabling citizen developers to work side-by-side with trained IT professionals in order to drive digital transformation and innovation. We provide users with guardrails to protect software development processes for both professionally trained IT professionals and non-developers alike. The platform also offers bespoke security add-ons, such as various authentication options that befits your organization.

Review changes

To support the SDLC, the Betty Blocks platform features a variety of review options to aid with the development process. These are used to safeguard changes and edits made to the application’s codebase.


A secure environment where developers can compose, build, and test according to various stages of the SDLC.


When multiple sandboxes are used, administrators can execute a merge once acceptance criteria are met.


Create unique and dedicated processes to create workflows based on a user’s permissions.


Determine which roles can view, edit, or share blocks and templates built on the Betty Blocks platform.


The default status is “Development.” Only users with the right permissions can push applications to “Live.”

Version rollback

Administrators can roll back previous versions of the application or restore back-ups entirely.


Benefits of adding application governance

The importance of governance is often overlooked in application development. This increases the risk of governance settings such as permissions, authentications, and role assignments being added to an application as an afterthought rather than a key feature. Betty Blocks makes it easy for developers and administrators to add and manage such governance tools. As a core component of the platform, applications can be built with a variety of security options to make sure that all software is safe and compliant, even when created by citizen developers.
Augmentend digital solutions

Version control

Betty Blocks makes it easy to keep track of how the SDLC progresses. With version control, backup and recovery files are securely compiled into a comprehensive overview. This allows developers and software architects to keep a tight grip on how the newly developed application will fit with their organization's existing IT infrastructure. After the codebase has been assessed using version comparison, administrators can merge the codebase as needed. 


SSO / 2F Authentication

Decentralized systems, platforms, tools, and applications force employees to use passwords that are easy to remember or repeat the same password, which poses a significant risk for the company. To counteract this, Betty Blocks makes it easy for developers to implement SSO or 2FA on any application built with the platform. 

Application roles and model permissions


Betty Blocks gives administrators comprehensive control over setting granular and hierarchical permissions. By adding roles and permissions, you can ensure that applications made through citizen development align with IT standards from the start. Permissions are set on an organizational level by default, and permissions on a deeper or inter-organizational level can be added on an ad-hoc basis. This gives administrators complete control over how applications are accessed, edited, and published on the Betty Blocks platform. Usage and adoption of applications can also be monitored through this feature. 


Private Data Mode

The private data mode setting allows administrators to better control the SDLC by only granting access to users who have the “builder” role assigned to them. A major benefit of utilizing the private data mode feature is that it allows administrators to set permissions directly from the platform itself rather than going into individual backends. This allows for a better overview of the development and production environments and serves as an extra guardrail to prevent sensitive data from being breached before proper security tools have been added to the application.


Roles are an integral part of how permissions function and are assigned. By adding roles and permissions, they ensure that applications made through citizen development align with IT standards from the start. Depending on the user's main responsibilities, a role is assigned to determine what kind of actions the person can take, either limiting or increasing their access to the organization’s development environment on the Betty Blocks platform.





Low-Code Developer



Citizen Developer



Business Technologist



The importance of governance and Citizen Development

There is a reluctance among IT managers to bring citizen developers on board in the SDLC. This is partially because non-developers are not familiar with good coding practices. Many IT managers are afraid that having applications developed by employees outside of the development department will give rise to shadow IT. Meeting software compliance standards is hard enough as it is for organizations relying on a regular development workflow, but it is even harder for businesses that employ citizen developers to ensure compliance and enforce risk management. While low-code platforms are a major asset to any business looking to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and build applications that boost productivity, using it without governance can leave room for compliance issues to slip through the cracks.

FAQ about low-code governance

Where can I find more information about governance on the Betty Blocks platform?

You can find extensive documentation on roles, access, and permissions in our extensive FAQ about governance

Are governance tools included in the monthly pricing?

Yes, governance tools are an integral part of the Betty Blocks platform and are standard included in each pricing model.

How do I know that Betty Blocks takes data security seriously?

Betty Blocks is fully ISO 27001 certified and upholds the strictest standards for data protection. 

How do I successfully bring governed citizen development into my organization?

Adopting citizen development in an organization is a gradual operational process rather than an instant change. Learn more about how to adopt citizen development successfully through our blog series or schedule a demo with one of our experts.