Organizational functionality

Taking on new digital transformation tools can be daunting for enterprise IT departments but it doesn’t have to be. Betty Blocks’ cloud-based platform makes integration, data management, and implementation easy right from the start and we will cover everything you’ll need to know about getting started here. Whether you’re looking to build solutions on your own, work together with our developers or training options for citizen developers, there are multiple options for implementation and onboarding. 

Citizen development in enterprise business

Citizen development is not a requirement for no-code development, strategies or platforms. Rather, no-code is a tool for junior or professional developers to build quicker and iterate more often without creating technical debt in the process. Citizen developers are, however, an excellent resource for digital transformation in organizations with the resources available to train them.

The right people provided with the relevant skills and tools could support IT professionals, not by taking on IT’s work, but by building applications to serve their own needs.


The citizen difference 

Rapidly deliver business value

  • Building business-critical applications
  • Phasing out legacy/manual systems
  • Maintain and iterate their own systems

Support IT so they...

  • Can focus on the big picture
  • Don’t spend time putting out fires
  • Can maintain the overall software ecosystem


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Getting Started with Citizen Development

Governing Citizen Development

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ISO 27001 Certified 

In September 2017, Betty Blocks became the very first no-code software development platform to receive ISO 27001 certification. Strict rules and regulations are applied for every line of business, based on a Plan - Do - Check - Act methodology to manage the ISMS (Information Security Management System). The certification is a 3-year cycle, with audits each year to ensure we’re operating and maintaining the ISMS.


Betty Blocks has undertaken testing, training, and independent evaluations by the Open Web Application Security Project. The non-profit organization has thousands of members worldwide and has helped hundreds of companies like us to refine their security through additional tooling and consultancy.


Penetration testing (BDO)

In connection with BDO the platform and connected applications are regularly tested using penetration software. These tests check for weaknesses in Betty Blocks’ servers, modules, databases or connected systems.


Platform security

User Roles

Every user on the platform has an attached profile where access rights can be managed by your IT department. Roles, rights, and privileges assigned to them in order to manage users in your application environment. This can be done in your development environment (my Betty Blocks) and on an application level.


Why assign user roles?

Data Security 

  • Limit who can access sensitive data and how

Prevent human error 

  • Unauthorized users cannot upload or overwrite data 

Reduce Shadow IT 

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing applications


Organizations (user groups)

Some organizations with large application networks may want to limit access between user groups. For example, a reporting system built for HR should not be accessible by other departments. Adding users to an organization (or user group) lets you manage access rights across the whole group.

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