Betty Blocks is on a mission to democratize software development for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, we are not alone in this mission with a network of talented, like-minded partners taking on Betty Blocks' no-code platform as their citizen development platform of choice. Thanks to their involvement more businesses than ever are using no-code to innovate faster, transform outdated processes, and future-proof their organizations.

Partner channel

The partner channel includes more than 30 development and technical partners who, through their own expert no-code developers, are ready to help organizations innovate faster.

Each partner in the network may have a general expertise or extremely focused skillset to tackle specific industry issues. In all cases, our partners are trained and certified in Betty Blocks’ platform and everything it has to offer them and their clientele.


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Strategic partnerships

Betty Blocks aims to retain its freedom by not taking on investors, however there are companies out there whose mission closely aligns with our own. Our goal is to share technologies, ideas, services, and strategies with innovators around the world to push citizen development and no-code to new heights.


In March 2019, Microsoft and Betty Blocks announced their strategic partnership, joining together on a mission to bring the ease of no-code development to all Microsoft clients. A major endorsement for Betty Blocks, the partnership also supports a global vision for Microsoft to facilitate innovation by investing in new ideas, especially by catering more to the start-up and scale-up market.


The strategic partnership meant Betty Blocks would now be available on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud for new and existing customers. Along with that, powerful new integration options including Power BI are being rolled out into the Block Store.


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