Download your copy of the free whitepaper Governing Citizen Development

Citizen development is a topic that is going to dominate boardrooms within the next 5 years, and every company should have a strategy. To make sure you have a solid head start as a frontrunner in the movement, we’ve made a guide so that your citizen development implementation is a smooth ride.


Key Takeaways of the whitepaper

  • Establishing a centralized citizen development command center within the IT department provides resources, structure and accountability through monitoring

  • Citizen developers will need tools, resources and support in order to be successful, including software or development platforms, coordination with IT departments and tech support

  • Training is fundamental in terms of both gatekeeping citizen development platforms and teaching fundamentals of data security, as well as continuous development and skills building

  • Security is paramount and all citizen development activity needs to be strictly monitored to ensure compliance

Download your copy of the free whitepaper here