The No-Code Solution to your Digital Transformation
The whitepaper The No-Code Solution to Your Digital Transformation explains how to approach your digital transformation if you are a CIO looking to change your organization or how to make amendments if you have already made changes that have turned out to be ineffective.
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The Ultimate Guide to No-Code
The Ultimate Guide to No-Code dives into everything there is to know about no-code. From how no-code works to practical implementation cases from around the world. Download it today and discover how no-code will change the way your business develops applications... forever.
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Governing Citizen Development
Citizen development is a topic that is going to dominate boardrooms within the next 5 years, and every company should have a strategy. To make sure you have a solid head start as a frontrunner, we’ve made a guide so that your citizen development implementation is a smooth ride.
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The Rise of the Citizen Developer
Citizen Developers represent a full-on paradigm shift of how we think about software development, and who can be a developer. This whitepaper will provide you with a guide to navigate the changing tide, and give you tips on how to implement Citizen Development successfully.
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Getting Started with Citizen Development
This whitepaper is a guide for IT departments to use so they can structure and implement Citizen Development effectively. Complete with organizational diagrams and explanation of developer roles, you’ll get the insights you need to get started with Citizen Development.
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The Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms has returned! For the third time in a row, Betty Blocks is named among 18 key market players. As a Magic Quadrant Visionary, we feel Betty Blocks is on a mission to democratize software development and empower Citizen Developers to build applications without code.
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Introduction to Betty Blocks
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Betty Blocks Platform Demo
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Betty Blocks platform features
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App Gallery

Quote Generator
This Quotation Tool is based specifically on the transport industry, but can be used for any other setting that needs quotations. It’s the backbone for every organization that needs to provide quotations fast.
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Cognitive Service Application
With the Cognitive Service App you have face recognition technology right in your jeans pocket. Because of the integration with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, the mobile app gets smarter with every photo that is uploaded.
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Facility Manager Software
The Facility Manager Application is your personal assistant that tells you everything you need to know about your office locations. Next, to facility management, the application is perfectly suitable to use in other environments, for example in cars or in hospitals to measure vital functions.
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Calendar Planning Application
The Calendar Planning Application functions as a planning tool where organizations can schedule jobs in shifts that need to be done. Freelancers log into the portal and have a different view of the environment. If they meet the qualifications they can apply for a shift.
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Field Service Management
This is a Service Application build for an engineering company that provides maintenance services for assembly lines for over 200,000 customers. This service application gives mechanics a complete scan of the assembly line, all with a quick mobile QR scan. A true lifesaver for mechanics.
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