Extend Possibilities with Betty Blocks’ Low-Code AI Toolkit

With low-code you rapidly open up possibilities that aren’t possible elsewhere. Bring your AI idea to life without requiring the technical expertise of an AI expert. We give you the flexibility to develop a solution that easily adjusts to your changing needs.

The Betty Blocks AI Toolkit gives you:


Solutions tailored to your needs


Integration with existing systems


Shortest time-to-value

Question? Ask an Expert

Low-code and AI: A match made in heaven

Low-code is an accessible and reliable way to build AI solutions. The combination of AI with low-code gives you:


Integration with existing systems

Betty Blocks can enhance existing (legacy) systems by creating an innovative layer around them. By doing so, new functionality, such as AI, can be added to these systems without having to change or update those systems and workflows.


Short time-to-market

With Betty Blocks, you can launch your application in weeks, sometimes even in days. This allows you to test the viability of new AI solutions and gain a competitive advantage by implementing AI solutions ahead of your competitors.


Solutions tailored to your needs

Betty Blocks gives you the tools to create fully bespoke solutions that perfectly solve your unique problem. This enables you to rapidly build, validate, and iterate concepts that drive real business value at a fraction of the cost.

AI Action flow

How does the flexible low-code AI toolkit work?

With Betty Blocks, you can easily create your own applications featuring different elements of AI. We have created an AI toolkit that consists of page- and app templates, and building blocks (pre-built components) with AI capabilities that can be used individually or collectively to create your application. 


The AI toolkit allows you to create a fully customized workflow within an application that suits your needs, from smaller solutions to larger, more complex applications. 


You can, for example, create an application that uses a set of documents that are first anonymized. Then these documents can be summarized, and, after that classified, sorting the documents into different sections. All in the same application, fueled by a workflow that is built with the Betty Blocks AI toolkit. 

What AI functionality can I use?



This step allows you to send a prompt to an LLM, such as Open AI, and retrieve the answer. You can use this step in combination with other components, such as a textbox for building a chatbot.



This step is able to use an LLM to assess your input and classify where it belongs in the parameters you set. This enables you to build a workflow where you can check the status of a prompt or segment of text.



This step automatically summarizes text. It can be configured in a range of possibilities to determine how long the summarization should be or even how many tokens from the language model it should use.



This step is able to anonymize information. This is useful if you want to speed up the process of anonymizing a large set of documents without having to go through each line individually.


Semantic search

This step allows you to search through data with natural language rather than keyword search. For example, you can ask the search to pull out specific information within a data range, and it will retrieve it.

Betty Blocks puts you in control

Custom low-code vs off-the-shelf solutions

Off-the-shelf products mainly offer a single solution that doesn’t always integrate with other solutions. On top of that, they usually provide extra services that you pay for that aren’t being used. Over time, as you add more and more AI solutions to your tech stack, you end up paying high fees for multiple products that don’t interact with each other, filled with features you don’t use.

Betty Blocks offers you a different path. We put you in control, enabling you to design the exact solution you need to solve the problem you’re facing that works with your systems. You don’t pay for extra functionality and can easily extend the solution if you discover a new way you’d like it to work. This future-proofs you from whatever the next hurdle is in the AI world. 

Secure and governed AI solutions

Organizations can rest assured that their data is secure and governance measures are in place to provide transparency and accountability. We guarantee security against external access and internal permissions. Our governance features will protect unauthorised usage. You can give users different roles and permissions, ensuring they only use the data and LLM approved for their needs. Within the Betty Blocks platform, users have three levels of security.

AI use cases

By utilizing Betty Blocks’ AI capabilities, organizations can build many solutions such as chatbots, questionnaires, workflow improvements, and more. These are some of the solutions that are customers built with Betty Blocks.

AI Search Hub

AI Search Hub

Find information faster and more accurately in all your databases with the use of advanced language models that understand user queries' semantic meaning and context.



Get instant access to relevant information with the help of a chatbot that can be combined with any of the aforementioned use cases.

Entity anonymization

Entity anonymization

Automatically anonymize sensitive information in multiple documents so that it can be safely shared with other people.