Experience the benefits of a Pre-Assessment Audit Tool

Through a Pre-Assessment Audit Tool, law firms offer their clients a compliance tool that guides them through the crucial process of preparing for an audit, identifying any nonconformities or issues ahead of time. Automating and digitizing this process is extremely beneficial, saving time and resources amongst your legal professionals, cutting costs, and increasing your customer satisfaction.



Product Features

  • Reporting and dashboarding capabilities
  • Workflow approvals
  • Assigning tasks and sections
  • In-app contact request for legal professionals
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

The power of a Pre-Assessment Audit Tool

Certification audits are done in every business sector and are often extensive, involving the assessment of company processes, management systems, documents, and key employees. Additionally, unknowingly overlooking conformance rules or regulations and thus failing an audit can be extremely costly for businesses in litigation fees or penalties. Therefore, identifying any gaps, noncompliances, or risks ahead of an audit is crucial for companies, and supporting clients in their preparation is crucial for law firms.

By providing your clients with a digitized Pre-Assessment Audit Tool, you optimize, streamline, and secure the audit preparation process. Through an application, you compile and digitize your firm’s information, expertise, and advice regarding audits, thus empowering organizations in their independent audit preparation. Add functionality to assign various sections or questions to various responsible knowledge holders within an organization, thereby streamlining and speeding up the internal process. Once completed, users are presented with a system-generated audit report which identifies any areas of noncompliance or nonconformity and outlines the next steps for corrective actions and measures.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build any Pre-Assessment Audit Tools, bespoke for the certification audits relevant to their client base. This ensures that your customers are consistently prepared and fully compliant for any upcoming audits through one digitized, fully integrated, configurable, and customizable LCNC platform. Resulting in avoidance of unnecessary costs.