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This page shows a collection of user reviews of Betty Blocks. Betty Blocks is a low-code no-code platform that let's business users create applications in a fast and robust way. It is primarily used to build scalable enterprise-grade applications.

The cloud-based platform let's you login to your browser and start building within minutes. With the page builder you can create a design. The data modeller let's you visualize your data, and the actions builder let's you automate actions. With a wide range of integrations and re-usable components available in the block store.

“There are various examples of small workflow processes we can easily automate using no-code, so that’s where our focus should be."

PeterVanEijk Peter van Eijk, Legal Technology services and Innovation at Clifford Chance

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Used to empower both business technologists and the IT department with an all-in-one innovation tool.
Turn ideas into profits, challenges into opportunities, and business processes into automated workflows.

“We set a goal for ourselves to develop an MVP in 4 weeks which we worked in sprints to achieve. Things moved really fast once I’d figured things out and the time saved allowed me to go back to build features I originally wanted but couldn’t make at the time.”

0517_EvilExcel Floris Hei, CEO and founder of Teyler Consultancy

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