Customer cases


City of Zaanstad

The City of Zaanstad saves €2.3 million over four years by replacing their legacy system with Betty Blocks. How? By building their own custom software: something virtually unheard of in the government sector.

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EAU saves €2.5 million in development costs by replacing PHP and MySQL systems with Betty Blocks. With their award-winning application Oxygen, they take their event management to the next level.

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Amsterdam UAS

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has an extensive network of companies and relationships available to their 43.000 students who must complete an internship. Now, these are all arranged by an advanced Betty Blocks CRM.

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Construction company Waal built an application that was 100% tailored to their needs and also cut their development in half. Now their customers see the status of their issue reports and also are in direct contact with the construction specialist.

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City of Hoorn

The City of Hoorn needed a secure data portal to coordinate and manage their social services--and they needed it fast. In record-breaking time Betty Blocks helped the municipality built a fully secure and certified portal for confidential data.

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To optimally serve customers in their search for the perfect trip, travel agency Sawadee built an entire new website with Betty Blocks. The results are increased travel inquiries, increase in organic visitors, and improved customer engagement.

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Our customers

People are passionate about Betty Blocks

Bas Wit
Bas Wit
Innovation Manager at Univé

Bas Wit's challenges
  • Keeping up with customers’ digital demands in a traditional industry
  • Proving the value of ideas to stakeholders
  • Taking innovation all the way from idea to market

"The speed of building and how little money we spend on building the system is what really draws people in. Experiments take months, but building takes days"

We did the pilot in an even shorter time than we thought, with less money than we thought it would cost, and what we achieved was even bigger than we expected. Now we can test new business propositions with a 75% faster time to market.

Roel Bouwman
Roel Bouwman
Teamlead software development at Sligro

Roel Bouwman's challenges
  • Dreads shadow IT
  • Interested in bimodal IT
  • Application portfolio management

"It's a great feeling to cut your backlog in half"

I empower the business by letting them build their own applications. I am basically expanding my developer workforce without long hours of training and support.

Armand Haan
Owner Beer in a Box

Armand Haan's challenges
  • No HTML or JavaScript experience
  • Has never built an app
  • With only 2 days of platform training

"I was surprised I could build my own advanced app"

I developed an app within two days, without any app development experience to solve a critical business problem that had been bugging me for months.

Bas Wit
Roel Bouwman