Increasing safety awareness

Every year, eX:plain guarantees the content and organization of more than 275,000 safety exams. They sit down with companies, industries and educational organizations to determine what the labor market needs and how education can respond to this. One of those is the construction industry.

To ensure that the safety culture improves in a broad sense, a number of leading construction companies and clients have joined forces with eX:plain. Together they have established the "Safety in Construction Governance Code" with a clear goal: to standardize safety instructions when entering construction sites.

“The scalable design enables us to quickly connect existing and new customers to the system. Because the process has been set up well, we can easily scale up.”

An innovative platform for a safe future

eX:plain developed the Generic Gateway Instruction (GPI) application, which is intended to increase safety awareness. With the GPI, the safety instructions a construction crew receives when entering a construction site are all standardized.

The GPI application is an answer to the fragmentation that has arisen because larger construction companies each developed their own port instruction over time. As a consequence, the employees of subcontractors and suppliers had to follow different safety instructions every time they got to work on a different construction site.