Transforming security and public assistance

With 65,000+ employees, the Dutch National Police is the largest employer in the Netherlands. The police force is charged with security and public assistance in the Netherlands, maintaining public order, and providing assistance. With the pace at which society is moving, it becomes increasingly more complex to orchestrate police work.

The Dutch National Police is transforming its organization using low-code technology and microservices, using the MACH industry standard. This has enabled them to engage employees in innovation projects, reduce costs and resources, and ultimately work towards their goal of making the Netherlands safer.

As a result, they increased their developer pool by 300%, created a 70% increase in feasibility and adoption, and established a 2x cost reduction for development and maintenance. They also expect to increase innovation implementation success from 20% to 80%. Here’s how they did it.

“We now have an interactive portal that offers complete insights into all our innovations and challenges, thereby avoiding overlaps. This has a massive positive impact on operational and widespread use.”

Creating a knowledge-intensive organization

Steven Hanekroot, Product Owner Betty Blocks Platform and Innovation Portal at the Dutch National Police, oversees the innovation team. With Betty Blocks at the core of his innovation projects, Steven sets out to reach critical strategic goals:
  • Provide conditions for learning and prioritize permanent development.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology and intelligence to grow into an information-driven organization.
  • Strike a healthy balance between maintenance and development costs.
  • Create a safe and diverse agile work environment for highly productive teams.
  • Implement evidence-based practices for innovation success.