An inefficient administrative system

Danieli Corus delivers high-end technology to the steel industry worldwide. The quality requirements for safe and reliable construction in this industry are firm, and Danieli Corus meets safety standards through detailed procedures and quality control. Still, the documentation and logistics of the worldwide purchasing of resources are complex.

Previously, preparing an order required multiple employees. Each employer kept their own administration in a personal document, which resulted in little transparency across the whole ordering process. With Excel sheets going back and forth between employees and a legacy application, the process had become inefficient and unclear.

The unnecessary use of Excel sheets also created a lot of extra administration work. Making edits afterward was practically impossible. This outdated way of working made the ordering process prone to errors that could have easily been avoided.
Danieli Corus

“Thanks to the purchase flow system, we know exactly what still needs to be done and who is responsible for it. This creates a transparent overview where everyone knows what’s expected of them.”

Purchase flow brings clarity

To ensure maximum safety, Danieli Corus developed a new application to optimize these complex processes. In just 8 days, they managed to build an innovative purchase flow web application. The application divided the ordering process into 9 clear steps, assigning each individual step to a specific employer. The new application has simplified the process tremendously, is very fast, saves dates instantly and makes the steps of the purchase flow easily accessible.

Because of this digital transformation employees know exactly what their responsibilities are. On a dashboard, they see which tasks still need completion. “Thanks to the purchase flow system, we know exactly what still needs to be done and who is responsible for it," says Ruud Kaandorp, Project Engineer at Danieli Corus. "This creates a transparent overview and everyone knows what’s expected of them."