A flexible business

When Tence Inzetbureau was acquired by the Belgium employment organization Actief Groep in 2015, it was renamed "Actief Werkt!" Actief Werkt! is an employment agency that connects flexible work-seekers to jobs in sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and cleaning operations.

Actief Werkt! provided Flex@lly, an online client portal that was no longer in line with the new direction the company was heading. In order to service clients more personally and directly, a new mobile application needed to be devised. As orders have significantly risen over the last years, they could no longer be properly processed by the agency’s existing platform.

Hence Actief Werkt! called upon the Betty Blocks rapid application development platform to create a new client- and flex worker portal that could be accessed through a responsive web and native mobile application. The experiences gained while working on Flex@lly would form the inspiration for this new client portal, called Mijn Actief.

“Betty Blocks' high level of involvement and personal contact made it a great collaboration. We saved a lot of time thanks to efficient communication and building upon the existing application, which made the process very fast.”

Building on legacies

Based on the user statistics and prior experiences with Flex@lly, Betty Blocks partner EsperantoXL could easily determine which functionalities should be incorporated into the new application. The biggest challenge was building the new portals and the application itself on top of the existing IT architecture. By integrating all the portals into one central back office, all parties could easily continue to cooperate.

Through no-code development platform Betty Blocks, EsperantoXL would efficiently extend the system. The no-code platform enabled them to connect the web- and mobile application in a matter of days. With these foundations in place, EsperantoXL could now design and install the rest of the client portal.

The process

The portals for Mijn Actief were built in less than 2.5 months. Clients can now log in to view information on flex workers, invoices and work activities. Flex workers can use the app to see their payslips, update their resume and directly apply for new job positions.

As all relevant information is now available for them to access online, Actief Werkt! quickly noticed a drop in the amount of incoming telephone calls. Flex workers are now able to do all their administrative work in the online environment. Since the new application was launched, Mijn Actief has gained more than 10.000 unique users.