Experience the benefits of an Ideation Portal

Empower your law firm or department with an Ideation Portal, providing your employees with a space to conceptualize and pitch the solutions to their own problems. Build a fully bespoke application encouraging and establishing an efficient, digitized, streamlined, and secure process for the generation and identification of new ideas.



Product features

  • Discussion threads
  • Presentation layer
  • Voting and ranking systems
  • E-mail and Slack notification system
  • Bespoke user capabilities
  • Integration with existing applications and infrastructure


Within your firm or in-house department, the proper collection, validation, and prioritization of ideas and solutions is vital. Digitizing the ideation process fosters an internal ideation culture, encouraging those experiencing issues or running into problems to be proactive in coming up with solutions. This establishes an environment in which business users are empowered and supported in the first step of the application development cycle: developing ideas.

With an ideation portal, your employees are encouraged to turn their issues and experiences into digital solutions. Users can ‘spark’ a new idea with a button, and create a post by pitching an idea. Users can then engage with one another’s posts by upvoting, downvoting, or commenting, thus creating a digitized and instant validation process. Provide your management with back-end capabilities to view analytics on the ideation portal engagement, and see the trending topics, themes, and discussions. In some cases, the application can be shared with a customer base to provide customer feedback.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can fully customize an Ideation Portal which digitizes, streamlines, and encourages a crucial internal process. Provide your workforce with a tool that stimulates innovation and participation, streamlines the validation process, and optimizes the investment of time and resources through one digitized, customizable, fully integrated LCNC platform.