Experience the benefits of a Customer Knowledge Base

The development of a Customer Knowledge Center allows your law firm or department to create a customer-facing application that digitizes and centralizes your firm’s customer support. Create a self-serve application through which clients can independently, quickly, and constantly access your firm’s expertise without the help of a legal professional.



Product features

  • Filter and search capabilities
  • In-app contact requests to legal professionals
  • Content Management
  • Customizable workflows
  • Multi-tenant (adopt style per customer)

The power of a customer knowledge base

Providing clients with relevant information, answers, and guidance on a wide variety of legal topics is a key responsibility amongst law firms and departments. Through the creation of a Customer Knowledge Center, your firm establishes a digitized self-service solution based on recurring and relevant issues, questions, and topics amongst your client base. Become proactive in your customer support, and elevate and optimize your customer experience with a Customer Knowledge Center.

In the application, users log in to a learning center complete with articles, guides, tutorials, webinars, whitepapers, and more. These can be browsed or filtered according to the topic (e.g. corporate law, intellectual property, tax laws) or searched according to region. Your firm can add, edit, and delete articles within the Knowledge Center using a rich text editor. Articles feature tags for filter functionality and are divided into subtopics to enable users to jump to relevant sections. Articles are additionally linked to specific knowledge holders within the firm and have integrated in-app contact capabilities so that users can reach out to specific legal professionals for further information or guidance.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, your legal firm or department can custom build a Customer Knowledge Center which digitizes and centralizes your firm's knowledge base and expertise crucial to your client base. Provide your customers with technology-enabled, accurate, and optimized guidance competitive customer-facing application on one digitized, fully integrated, and customizable LCNC platform.
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