Let’s make a deal

Collection agency Snijder goes above and beyond in their commitment to customer satisfaction. In reality, debt collection can be a difficult field to navigate without a great deal of care being put into the systems and processes around it. This is exactly why Snijder has focused heavily on its customer services since it’s founding in 1995. Still, the company hadn’t yet been able to invest in digital transformation and the tools which come along with that. That is until frequent requests begun pouring in from potential customers asking for a self-service payment option.

“Everyone is different, everyone has a story which is precisely why we are out to understand and connect with individual stories. To do that, we needed Betty Blocks.”

Exacting requirements

One particular potential customer gave the company two strict requirements before signing on: That it should be possible for debtors to make payments online, and that this self-service portal needed to be operational within two weeks. Since developing an online portal with the security, payment, and database requirements of tools like this wouldn’t be possible through traditional programming, Snijder sought out a no-code solution.

After doing market research, the company reached out to Betty Blocks to help build a custom system. Not only to build the service itself but help ensure that it would be compatible with their existing tools as well.