Experience the benefits of a Project Budget Planning Tool.

Through a digitized Project Budget Planning Tool, legal firms and departments can track, standardize, and predict the fees and budgets for specific tasks and services. Optimize and streamline the process of estimating budgets and predicting costs and revenue for projects and services through an empowering self-serve solution that makes your firm more efficient.



Product features

  • PDF invoices directly to clients
  • Email or Slack notification system
  • User capabilities and permissions management
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

The power of a Project Budget Planning Tool

Done manually, the documenting, tracking, budgeting, and invoicing for projects and services is a time-consuming, complex, error-prone process involving various knowledge-holders and dependencies. Additionally, without a standardized and repeatable process, firms often underestimate their budgets by 10-20%. Through a Project Budget Planning Tool, legal firms or in-house departments can establish a standardized, transparent, and efficient process around budget planning and budgeting.

With a Project Budget Planning Tool users can access ongoing projects, their allocated budgets, the current expenses, and their status (quoting, review, or final). Through integration with existing finance and time tracking systems, projects can automatically be updated with the worked hours, expenses, latest invoices, or added services. Meanwhile, the tool automatically tracks the percentage of the allocated budget, the status, and the invoice cycles. From the back-end perspective, services per area of law can be created and managed, including a standard title, description, total cost, or hourly rate. These services can then be grouped into a collection to make up a logical unit, which can be selected within projects.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build a Project Budget Planning Tool which accurately standardizes and predicts budgets and revenues within your firm. This eliminates the underestimation of budgets and secures your revenue predictions through one governed, fully integrated, customizable LCNC platform.