Experience the benefits of a Planning Tool

Through a digitized Planning Tool, legal firms and departments are empowered with a tool that makes the internal planning of time, availability, and projects streamlined and transparent. Enable the optimized and fair distribution of work and projects through a customized self-serve solution which creates efficiency across your organization.



Product features

  • Email and slack notification system
  • Optional reasoning features
  • Dashboarding and statistic capabilities
  • User capabilities and permissions management
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

The power of a Planning Tool

Increasingly, legal teams and lawyers are balancing a growing workload of activities, responsibilities, and projects. Meanwhile, insight into the availability and capacity of a workforce is often limited to checking email calendars, in-person checks, or convoluted email chains. Managing projects or coordinating staff for tasks thus becomes a time-heavy and complicated process. Additionally, much administrative work has to go into creating visibility into or oversight of a firm’s ongoing projects and employees’ capacity and work.

By providing your legal firm or department with a Planning Tool you create a streamlined, standardized, transparent, and optimized process around time, resource, availability, and project planning. Through enabling dashboarding capabilities, statistics show availability averages and predictions in a longer-term, creating insights for project planners and staff coordinators. Additionally, users can see their billable hours in comparison with their team or colleagues, and access oversight into their reported availability and actual availability. Through a digitized application, projects and tasks are easily and equally assigned and distributed.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build a Planning Tool that digitizes and streamlines your availability coordination and project planning process. This eliminates wasting resources and time and optimizes your firm through one secure, fully integrated, customizable LCNC platform.