Experience the benefits of an Employment Law Guide App

The development of a law guide application allows your firm to create a customer-facing application that allows your clients to access information in a digitized, accessible, effortless manner. Create a self-service application that is digital, constantly accurate, relevant, easy to use, and fully customizable to your and your clients’ needs.



Product features

  • Advanced filter capabilities
  • Customizable workflows
  • Comparative analytics
  • Custom sharing links
  • Contact requests to legal professionals

The power of a Employment Law Guide App

Employment legislation and laws govern and mediate the relationship between employers and employees, as well as the involved government and trade unions. Protecting workers’ rights and ensuring safe working environments. It is crucial for company owners, directors, employers, HR professionals, and employees to be aware of employment laws and legislations. Law firms protect employers’ interests and elevate their customer service by making this knowledge available through a self-service portal.

With an employment law guide application, your (current and prospective) clients can digitally access any applicable information regarding employment laws without the involvement of a legal professional. Using a mobile or a tablet, clients can search for specific advice or information filtered according to jurisdiction, countries, or topics. With comparative features, clients can split their screen and find differences between labor laws in two different countries or jurisdictions. Users can create digital links which can be shared quickly and directly through the app. The tool, additionally, allows prospective clients to reach out to attorneys for further information or legal aid.

Using the Betty Blocks platform, legal firms and departments can custom build an employment law guide application, digitizing and automating crucial information helping clients. This allows the providing of tools and information to be done digitally and effortlessly, saving your law firm time while offering competitive customer-facing applications.