Univé: Using No-Code to Fuel New Propositions and Services in Insurance

The Why, the How, and the What behind the Dutch insurer's winning no-code strategy

How Univé uses no-code to:


Boost customer satisfaction and retention


Generate new revenue streams


Create a win-win for business and IT

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Always adapting, always innovating

Since being established in the 1800s, Dutch insurer Univé has seen its fair share of changes. However, as insurers across the globe would surely agree, the pace of change has never been faster than today. In a recent webinar, we sat down with Univé innovation managers, Menno van den Burg and Lindy Borgman, to discuss how they adapt to such changes and why Betty Blocks is their weapon of choice.
From implementing new propositions and services to creating a win-win for business and IT to developing multiple business-critical applications, Univé stands as an example of how innovation-driven insurers can tackle their challenges and supersede the competition with no-code. Want to know more? Check out our bite-sized highlights from the webinar.


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Learn more about Univé's no-code strategy

As you can imagine, the full webinar covered much more than the above highlights. If you can relate to what you've seen and heard, check out the full webinar recap. Discover what strategies Univé used to ensure smooth adoption, why each phase of development and deployment should have its own strategy, how to adapt to changing consumer behavior, and a whole lot more.
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