Prevention is better than a cure

Zorg van de Zaak (ZvdZ) is not only a corporate healthcare provider but wellbeing and lifestyle consultants as well who have helped nearly 10% of the Dutch workforce prevent illness before it can ever occur. Through a network of medical, lifestyle, psychological, and care organizations around the Netherlands, ZvdZ works with 70.000 employers spanning over 1.5 million employees.

Together, ZvdZ and its partners navigate cases of illness, absenteeism, or delicate employee health issues with on-site or private evaluations by qualified professionals. While in control of the process, their unique service along with the scale of their operations meant there were no off-the-shelf solutions available to help streamline operations effectively.

Out with the old, in with the new

The existing way of work, while still functional, put unnecessary strain on both employers and Zorg van de Zaak’s network. For instance, planning PMO evaluations could require upwards of 1000 employees and their information to be connected with a medical/lifestyle professional.

Without a digital solution behind them, creating a contract, inviting employees to participate, and executing examinations were all arranged via email with department managers. Depending on the scale of an organization, this could take weeks just to organize let alone documenting results and providing actionable advice based on their sessions.

With more clients joining ZvdZ daily, Merlin van Eerden, Director Health Services understood that they needed to make some changes fast. Unfortunately, after meeting with their own IT department, it was made clear that developing a new system internally would be at the expense of their already full roadmap. So Merlin turned to BlockBrains, a no-code development partner of Betty Blocks for help.

“We knew we needed a new application and were aware of the shortcomings of our old application but we were having trouble defining the right requirements. The experience of BlockBrains and the agility of the Betty Blocks platform gave us the confidence we were on the right track.”

An all in one business and healthcare tool

"The combination of Zorg van de Zaak's expertise in preventive health care and our knowledge of how to optimize processes was key to the success of this project." - Kay Lankheet, Managing Consultant & Founder at BlockBrains

Using Betty Blocks’ no-code platform BlockBrains would develop an application in which ZvdZ could set up entire projects through a single portal. With this new tool, they would be able to invite employees, create personalized questionnaires, document examinations, and give participants access to their reports in private dashboards in real-time.

Next to that, supporting features would be added like scheduling tools for doctors which would give an easy overview of when professionals would be available. Due to the often high volumes of examinations, it was also important for automated advice to be generated based on answers to the questionnaire. All this was design with maximum security in mind including two-factor authentication plus s strict role-based access policy to completely secure all entered data.

Many hands make light work

BlockBrains’ business, analytics, and development experience proved to be invaluable for Zorg van de Zaak’s project right from the beginning. While ZvdZ established sprint goals, deadlines, and an outline for a testable MVP, BlockBrains’ developers were already laying the foundations for the application.

Every two weeks BlockBrains presented their sprint results for Zorg van de Zaak to test and provide feedback on. Just 4 months into development, a working prototype was ready for live testing in Zorg van de Zaak’s organization.

Using the new centralized PlanDesk application, Zorg van de Zaak’s entire planning process could be completed in half the time. Since the PlanDesk stored appointments and forms digitally, scheduling errors between all parties were almost reduced to zero, saving valuable time and money that would otherwise cost clients to reschedule.