Efficiency without room for error

Holygrow, a development partner of Betty Blocks, has partnered with an Italian pharmaceutical organization to increase efficiency, digitize processes, and shorten the time-to-market of new systems using Betty Blocks’ no-code platform. Together, the companies will use no-code to digitally transform problematic systems that harm supply chains, employee satisfaction, and customer relations due to inefficiencies. The first application, a Customs Dossier Management Application was successfully built in just three weeks to kickstart their modernization journey.

“Within three weeks, we had modernized our paper and Excel-based system in a stable Betty Blocks web application.”

Administrative headaches across borders

The reason for starting with this application is quite simple. Overseeing all activities related to the import and export of goods, including cross-border shipments, falls to the Import and Export department. To complete a Customs Dossier, different users need to combine accurate data from their department into these documents. Previously, this happened in all kinds of fragmented systems involving emails and even paper documents, which caused two major problems:

1. They had no control over the delivery time or type of data.
2. Analyzing and reporting of data is very difficult in fragmented systems.

With the Customs Dossier Management Application, Holygrow enabled the import and export department to process the delivery of data for a Customs Dossier digitally. This ensures that the process runs more effectively with laws and regulations already accounted for in the application, leaving no margin for error in processing. Using an optimized, digital solution means the department can report faster and make adjustments if necessary in the back-end without needing coding or programming knowledge to do so.