Limited options

EAU was limited by their current system for the conference organization. Continuing to develop the PHP and MySQL systems to meet EAU’s expanding needs was not an option. And rebuilding the system in a traditional way (by coding) would take several years and be very costly. “In 5 years, the world will be completely different again. We couldn’t afford to invest in changes that would take too long to realize, therefore because of the wait it’s not worth it,” says Antoine van der Velden, IT Project Manager.
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“An application with all the functionalities Oxygen has would normally take many developers to build, but using Betty Blocks we built it with only 4!”

A functional, flexible solution

EAU needed the versatility of a system that had more functionalities than managing their annual conference. And they needed a system that they could easily adapt to their changing needs. So they ran pilots with Betty Blocks and a popular low-code development platform. “Betty Blocks was so straightforward that we could focus entirely on functionality,” says Antoine. “Within the first day of the pilot we made more progress with Betty Blocks than we did after three days of developing on the low-code platform. That’s what helped convinced us.”