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As AI continues to revolutionize industries, businesses are exploring its potential impact. However, early adopters face challenges like data security and limited off-the-shelf solutions. Betty Blocks offers the solution with its Low-Code AI Toolkit, empowering businesses to build flexible and secure AI solutions without compromising on development speed. The platform connects to multiple Large Language Models, allowing legal technologists to easily integrate AI providers and switch models for specific tasks. With three levels of security, including on-premises hosting, companies can experiment and innovate worry-free. Discover the future of AI adoption with Betty Blocks

Unlock the power of AI


Prioritize security and condfidentiality

Our platform respects the rules and safeguards sensitive client information


Save time and streamline workflows

Say goodbye to the hours and days spent manually shifting through files


Maximize amount of billable work

Reduce non-billable hours spent on exhaustive searches


Improve client satisfaction

Making services more efficient and focus more on value-added tasks

Start building secure and powerful AI solutions

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AI Search Hub

Revolutionize your document search process with the AI Search Hub. Connect databases and sources to access a powerful search functionality. Our advanced language models understand the semantic meaning and context of user queries, delivering highly relevant results. With direct links to cited documents, professionals can effortlessly navigate to the source information, enhancing research efficiency. The AI Search Hub provides a list of relevant documents and percentage match, even across multiple connected sources like iManage, Netdocs, Sharepoint, and external sources. Find information faster, improve accuracy, and minimize the risk of missing important details with the AI Search Hub.


Self-Service AI Chatbot

Don't let the burden of answering repetitive policy and compliance questions bog down your lawyers. Our solution offers a game-changing approach to information retrieval. By training your own Private AI model, which includes your organization's policies, you can empower users to access relevant information quickly and effortlessly through a self-service chatbot. Say goodbye to inefficient keyword searches and time-consuming document readings. Our AI solution reduces repetitive requests, delivers information faster than email or meetings, prevents message overload, and enables lawyers to focus on more critical tasks. Experience the power of intelligent information retrieval today.

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Start building secure and powerful AI solutions

Download the whitepaper to learn more about Betty Blocks and it's integrated AI capabilities.
Get the AI whitepaper