Betty Blocks Hack Night
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Thursday September 7th.

Socializing, networking & fun

The Betty Blocks Academy Night (formerly known as the hack night).

Bring your Betty Blocks knowledge to a higher level! Follow one of the workshops and ask your questions right away. socialize, network & have fun.
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Thursday, September 7th


7pm - 10pm


QNH Consulting
Hogehilweg 24
1101 CD Amsterdam

Platform workshops

The workshops are for everybody. For developers but also for end users looking for more know-how on app development. It is for every level of expertise and the goal is to increase all our platform knowledge. Also, it's lots of fun and perfect for networking. IMPORTANT - Bring your own laptop, there aren't any extra available that day. Also, make sure it's fully charged.

  • Betty Blocks for beginners
    The basics of the Betty Blocks back end.
  • Betty Blocks for advanced
    Diving deeper into the Betty Blocks back end
  • Frontend
    The UI-builder & the implementation of AngularJS.
  • Integration
    Web service integration example.
  • Ask us anything
    Find the answers to all your questions

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