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The Betty Blocks pricing model ensures you always have the ability to build, iterate, and expand solutions without costs ballooning alongside your needs.

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Tailor-made to fit your needs

App templates, building tours, automatic security patches, automatic platform updates, and training courses are included with all licenses.


One application
One developer
Internal users
External users


Multiple applications
Multiple developers
Internal users
External users
Anonymous users
Playground apps
Private Block Store
Access to AI
Customer Success Manager

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What defines a user?

There are three types of users: internal, external and anonymous. Internal users are individuals employed by your organization that require a login to access specific applications using an email domain that belongs to the company or the customer. External users are individuals that require a login to access specific applications without an email domain that belongs to the company or the customer. Unregistered (anonymous) users that visit the front-end of your application without platform access rights.

When should I choose the Platform edition over the Standard edition?

The platform package is the way to go when you want to fuel your innovation strategy with Betty Blocks, without any limitations. This is most suitable for large organizations with high data requirements or require round the clock support. This package ensures your users also have a dedicated customer success contact who can provide additional support to developers and end-users.

What if I need to expand my package or upgrade my subscription?

Our subscription is designed to be completely flexible ensuring you are able to upgrade from SLA 0 - 3 at any stage without interrupting your access to your application network. This way, you can choose the package that fits you best currently and expand as needed further down the line. As you need access to more storage, internal or external users, or extra support you can simply contact us to upgrade any of these together or individually.

How does the license model work?

Find the perfect fit by choosing a platform edition, the number of users for your application and any add-ons or expansions you might need.

I am not sure if the user-based pricing model fits my use case...

User-based pricing ensures your company is able to build large or small applications that don’t sacrifice functionality for size. This way, you only pay for the users you need and that they always have access to comprehensive solutions that can be built to fit their exact needs. If you have specific questions then reach out to our sales team for more information.