Freedom for Enterprises: Combining No-Code and JavaScript

Betty Blocks is a citizen development platform built with experienced developers in mind. Whilst citizen developers can use it as a no-code platform under the governance of IT, experienced developers can use it as a low-code platform to build advanced applications faster. How you use the platform is really down to your organization’s unique goals and challenges. 

And the versatility of the Betty Blocks platform doesn’t end there. Betty Blocks enables experienced developers to use code to customize existing blocks, or indeed to create new blocks from scratch. This is how Betty Blocks gives experienced developers the ability to combine no code and JavaScript.

The Developers Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform

Want to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Betty Blocks platform? Check out our Developer's Manual to learn more about everything from primary development features like the Builder Bar, to the data model and back-office.

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No-code & JavaScript at a glance

  • The Betty Blocks platform is built on Elixir, React, and GraphQL.
    You can use NodeJS, React, and Material UI to build custom components. 
  • Betty Blocks’ escape hatch means experienced developers retain the freedom to build with code, in the way of working they’re used to. 
  • Escape hatches are available in both the front end and back end. 
  • Experienced developers can collaborate on GitHub with JavaScript on non-proprietary elements. 
  • Experienced developers can build the no-code framework based on their own branded components. 
  • Experienced developers can use code (such as JavaScript) to build a library of custom building blocks, which can then be used by citizen developers. 

The Betty Blocks Page Builder

The Betty Blocks Page Builder comes with a default component set, which citizen developers can use to visually build advanced applications under the governance of IT. But what about creating custom no-code components in React? Experienced developers can use the JavaScript React framework to create custom components, which they can then make available as reusable blocks in the Page Builder.

Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave ™ for Low-Code Development Platforms For Business Developers, Q4 2021

We’re proud to be recognized as a key thought leader of the enterprise citizen development movement. We received the highest scores possible in nine criteria, which in our opinion demonstrates our ability to help businesses build beautiful and advanced applications.

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Escape hatches

Experienced developers can add code to no-code applications using Betty Blocks’ escape hatches. With these escape hatches, experienced developers can extend the platform on different levels. You can build anything without the use of code, but when needed, experienced developers can jump in and add code. You will never get stuck in the development process again. 

Multi-channel development

In order to help enterprise organizations engage target audiences across any device, Betty Blocks’ no-code platform provides developers with the technology to create multi-channel applications. Experienced developers can use the JavaScript React framework to build both responsive and progressive web applications (PWAs), which can be served to any device or screen type with modern browser access. 


Using no-code to power your multi-channel strategy means you’re only ever required to develop an application once to reach your maximum audience potential. Powerful PWAs with access to native mobile functionality (like GPS, voice, video, and more) are extremely quick and easy to deploy despite their expansive functionality. Betty Blocks’ reusable component system  – the Block Store – ensures developers can reuse, extend upon, and iterate on applications with just a few clicks. 


Since you’re effectively building a web application, Betty Blocks applications bypass App Stores on mobile devices meaning they’re SEO indexed, searchable, and easily shareable.


Core benefits of PWA strategies

  1. Multi-device ready: Every application is viewable for any type of device by default.  

  2. Offline and native features: Create offline-first applications by converting your cloud application to a native mobile app. Benefit from the flexibility of the JavaScript React framework to build mobile-ready apps, and include native features (GPS, push notifications, camera accessibility, etc.) by using the Apache Cordova framework. 

  3. Progressive web applications: Apps are created from a single codebase with all the native mobile capabilities, but run from a web server. That means no manual update – users are always served the latest version. 

Ultimate versatility for enterprises

Citizen developers bring unmatched knowledge of business processes, products, and customers, to the development process, by using Betty Blocks as a no-code platform under the governance of IT. Experienced developers can use Betty Blocks as a low-code platform to rapidly build advanced applications, whilst retaining the freedom to use the JavaScript React framework to customize existing blocks, or create new, reusable blocks from scratch. 

Is your organization ready for citizen developers?

Is your organization ready for citizen developers? Take a look at our Meet Your Citizen Developer whitepaper for tips on finding citizen developers and integrating them into your IT strategy.