Forget the box
It's time to innovate!

Throw planning out the window and join us for two days of innovation without limits

Betty Blocks innovation day


June 8th and 9th


Bring your biggest ideas


Go have fun and make it!

What is innovation day?

Do something crazy

We all have big ideas, the kinds of things that make you excited but always seem to end up collecting dust on a notepad somewhere. 

Innovation day is the time to dust off those thoughts and actually just go make them. Nothing is too big, nothing is too wild because nobody ever innovated (truly) by playing it safe. 

So join us in recklessly turning huge ideas into something real in just two days! 

What you need to know!

  • You do not need to have an idea beforehand
  • You do not need to be a developer to participate
  • Not a developer? Make something outside of our platform or put a multi-skilled team together!
  • Innovation day is about the challenge and learning. Surprise yourself.
  • Celebrate your success over dinner 
  • End it all off with an award ceremony 

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Innovation day(s) agenda

Do you think you're ready to take on Dylan Carver, the very first Innoveerbeer? As much as we'd live to see a double threat from the champion we've got two days prepared to help you ideate, create, and innovate beyond your own expectations.

Wanna be the very best?

Like nobody ever was? This June you and your team could steal away the Innovation Day crown from the current champ, Dylan Carver. How? Showcase the most unique, powerful, or just plain interesting idea during the market. Your peers and Betty colleagues will be voting throughout the market to decide the winners so be prepared to really sell your idea.

For those looking to avoid the after lunch dip there will be some energizers to prevent your tosti from ruining your groove and add a little extra dash of fun into both days.

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Value dashboard

Take inspiration from our CSM team, Menour Nobach, and Jip Volkers who combined their business and IT minds into a dream team. Together they created a dashboard where CSM can get real insights into how our customers are actually using the platform, how many developers are active, and so so much more.

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Page Builder Performance

As voted by all of you, our champ Dylan Carver really showed off the K.I.S.S approach to innovation. In just two days he managed to slay some pesky gremlins in the Page Builder bringing massive performance increases. If you've noticed page loading times being a lot less frustrating these days, you can be pretty sure this guy is to thank.