Forget the box
It's time to innovate!

Throw planning out the window and join us for two days of innovation without limits

Betty Blocks innovation day


February 16th and 17th


Bring your biggest ideas


Go have fun and make it!

What is innovation day?

Do something crazy

We all have big ideas, the kinds of things that make you excited but always seem to end up collecting dust on a notepad somewhere. 

Innovation day is the time to dust off those thoughts and actually just go make them. Nothing is too big, nothing is too wild because nobody ever innovated (truly) by playing it safe. 

So join us in recklessly turning huge ideas into something real in just two days! 

Because you can

  • Take two days out of your busy schedule to have some fun
  • Learn something new by joining innovation workshops
  • Challenge yourself, you're capable of far more than you think!
  • Not a developer? You can make anything, not just an idea for the platform
  • Celebrate your success over dinner and the first ever innovation day award ceremony

Innovation day(s) agenda

Last September you all blew us away with what you could create in just two days so how could we ever top that? Well that's up to you but we've included workshops, energisers, and dinner on Friday for that extra boost of brainpower!

Not that we think you need it.

Sign up now for the brainstorm & prototyping workshop

Wanna be the very best?

Like nobody ever was? This coming February you and your team could be the very first Innovation Day champions by showcasing the most unique, powerful, or just plain interesting innovation. Your peers and Betty colleagues will be voting throughout the market to decide the winners so be prepared to really sell your idea.

For those looking to avoid the after lunch dip there will be some energizers to prevent your tosti from ruining your groove and add a little extra dash of fun into both days.

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Performance monitoring dashboard

Menouer Nobach pushed his original innovation day project to the next level last September. His application performance dashboard could one day be the go-to tool for customers (and us) to identify and squash processes eating more than their fair share of the power our platform offers.

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AZ Chant cheatsheet

Paddy and Vitali took another step in proving our Business Technologist vision with an AZ lyrics catalogue. So if you want to get involved at a local game but don't know the chants, you now have a solution.