Forget the box
It's time to innovate!

Throw planning out the window and join us for two days of innovation without limits

Betty Blocks innovation day


September 28th-29th


Bring your biggest ideas


Go have fun and make it!

What is innovation day?

Do something crazy

We all have big ideas, the kinds of things that make you excited but always seem to end up collecting dust on a notepad somewhere. 

Innovation day is the time to dust off those thoughts and actually just go make them. Nothing is too big, nothing is too wild because nobody ever innovated (truly) by playing it safe. 

So join us in recklessly turning huge ideas into something real in just two short days! 

Because you can

  • Take two days out of your busy schedule to have some fun
  • Challenge yourself, you're capable of far more than you think!
  • Not a developer? You can make anything, not just an idea for the platform
  • You might just strike gold
  • And of course, see what YOU want made real

Want to join? Let us know


Ideas become things

Innovation day lets us blow off steam and really put ourselves to the test but that's not all we're doing.

In fact, some of our favourite additions to Betty Blocks in recent history have come straight out of Innovation Day. Who knows, your idea could just be the next big thing to hit the platform or launch your department into the stratosphere. Check out just a few of them below!


Customer app status tool

Paddy and his team showed off a proof of concept application built in Betty which could show the status of customer and partner applications in the different regions and countries. We're holding thumbs that we will see this iterated on this quarter!



Debug mode

Dylan Carver and Michel Dolstra created a functional debugging mode that enables builders in Betty Blocks to troubleshoot applications much easier than before and removed a ton of the guesswork that went along with finding that one pesky component that wasn't playing nice with the others!


Innovation day(s) agenda

Two days doesn't sound long but the pressure cooker of a short time frame really bring out something special in so many people taking on the challenge. Still, it's good to know what to expect and when.