• When

    Thursday, September, 5th 2019

  • Time

    6pm - 10pm

  • Where

    Hondiuslaan 46
    3528 AB Utrecht

  • Program

    • 6pm - Welcome with food & drinks
    • 7pm - Opening presentation by ilionx
    • 7:15pm - Start of the Academy Workshops
    • 9:15pm - Presentation Betty Blocks
    • 9:30pm - Drinks
What can I expect?

What can I expect?

A fun and informal evening where both developers and the business will have the opportunity to get to know the platform and the team behind it. Follow a workshop to understand how the platform works, or to get a better picture of how the platform is utilised.
Knock down borders and boundaries by asking questions directly to one of us.

To Developers:

It’s important to bring your own laptop! Also, make sure it's fully charged.