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New feature - Export permissions at data models

Previously model permissions could be set for read, create, update and delete operations. We have extended that list with the 'export' operation. You can now select which user roles are permitted to export for every data model you have. Applying permissions to export works in the same way as the other 4 operations.

New export permissions at data models

The export feature is a basic feature in our largely standardized back-office user interface. What happens when I (as an application user) am not permitted to export data? When you don't have the permissions to export, the button to either use or compose an export definition will not be visible. This will be hidden for those users. However, every user who is permitted to export will see the option. Take a look at the video above that explains this further. Or read this learn article for more information about export and other permissions.

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Update - Fixes and features in the page UI builder

With the latest release to the Betty Blocks platform we have made several fixes and some new features in the page UI Builder. The purpose of this update was mainly to update current functionality that we already support in the page UI Builder.

Here is a summary of the latest features we've released:

  • You are now able to use page variables in your page layout. For example, to display the current user's name in your layout header: "Welcome John Doe".
  • Forms input components such as a Dropdown or Date Time Picker are now 'disabled' in design mode. This improves the designing of your pages.
  • We've made a new component option type called Code. This option provides component builders with the possibility to add HTML or JS to a component option, for example to embed a Youtube or Wistia video.
  • The width of the UI builder bar on the left is now customizable. You can now maximize it to any width you want. The chosen width will also be remembered in your browser cookies.
  • Editing partial and page layout settings can now be done from the builder bar itself.

Here is a summary of the latest fixes we've made:

  • The data table columns which were used as a button were always opened in a new browser tab. We made this optional.
  • In some cases the data table component was not showing all the data correctly. We fixed this issue.
  • Disabled components (such as a disabled button) are now selectable again.
  • After a component was cloned the source component kept its green border color. We fixed this issue.
  • If a component had a small content, the hover bar was not shown properly. As a result the component's name and some functions (delete, clone, etc) were not shown correctly.
  • In some cases the key navigation through your page components wasn't working because of a focus issue. We fixed this.
  • Changing your partial name wasn't being updated instantly. Now it will.
  • Custom component styles were included to the drag target styling (green box that indicates where your component will be dropped). We fixed this.
  • Partials will be available on your page canvas even when you've deleted them. Deleted partials will get a deleted state with a gray color in the hover bar.
  • The inline editable styling was not growing along with the content of your component. We fixed this.
  • Previously you could create a component block or partial from your page layout. This was not desirable.
  • Locked partials are selectable again in the tree view.
  • Undefined components (which were deleted after you had created and used them) will get an undefined styling state and are selectable again to the page canvas. Before you could not select and delete them.

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New feature - Password option at generate & merge PDF events

We have built a new feature which is the password option to generate and merge PDF action events. You are now able to apply a password encryption to your generated PDF files. To protect your PDF files for privacy or security reasons. Please read this learn article for more information about how to apply the new password option.

New password option at the generate and merge PDF action events

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