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New feature - SFTP after download options

We have added a new feature to the SFTP download action event: the after download options. With this new feature, you can define what the SFTP download action event must do after a file has been downloaded from the SFTP server. For now, we have implemented three options: doing nothing, moving the file (to another directory, or rename it), and removing the file from the SFTP server.

The after download options at the SFTP download action event

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New feature - Dynamic form in the web UI builder

We created a new feature (component) in the web UI builder to generate data from a custom web page (made in the UI builder) and to submit it to a data model in your application. The dynamic form has a wizard to complete all the settings. Select the goal, data source and/or target, the form components, and the redirect after submit. We've made a video how it works.

The new dynamic form component in the web UI builder

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Update - Callback actions

We've updated actions. Actions are used to process data. They run either in the foreground (basically in your browser) or in the background. It's no longer needed to use foreground actions or foreground import events when you need to wait before the task has been finished. You can now specify a callback action for both actions and import events.

Callback actions to do more parallel processing in background jobs

Even when the task is handled in the background, the selected callback action will be called when the task has been finished. This way you are able to do more parallel processing in background jobs even when you sometimes have more specific timing requirements.

You can enable and insert a callback action on the action form at the bottom below variables.

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