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Update - Callback actions for imports

It is now possible to pass your imported records to the callback actions for import events. This new piece of flexibility should be enough to cover all your import-ant needs *wink*

You'll find the callback action option at the bottom of an import event

This feature enables you to use the imported records in subsequent events.

Think of assigning all the imported records to a certain "Relation" model for instance. Or you could just simply email the user once the event has finished importing all records. 

Simply enable a callback action for your import event and check the "process imported records" checkbox. The batch action you assign here, will be executed for each imported record after the import has imported all records.

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Update - "Run manually" button

Don't panic when you can no longer find the "run manually" button for actions. It was moved to the header of the action pane.

The button is moved to the header. Hooray!

Removing the need of having to open the edit screen first. 

"A mouseclick saved is a mouseclick earned" or well... You get the idea.

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Update - Dynamic export file names

It is now possible to give a dynamic file name to export event files, based on an expression. 

Output filenames can now be dynamic.

Gone are the days where you exported all orders for a given month and then had to rename the file manually before sending it to the archives. You can now create exports with file names like "Orders-2017-06".

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