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3 reasons why our customers use a leading no-code platform



Deliver faster with fusion teams

Betty Blocks is built in such a way that experienced developers and business users can easily collaborate in fusion teams. Our customers are driving innovation by building applications in this way. Business users build applications with pre-built building blocks, and experienced developers support them via coded customization. Together they are delivering valuable applications for the business in a fast, effective way.




Build serious apps with modern architecture

Our customers are using Betty Blocks to build advanced applications with a rich user interface. According to Forrester: “Features for UI development are superior with componentry based on modern frameworks; beautiful apps are Betty Blocks’ strength.” We strike the perfect balance between feature richness and ease of use, giving our customers great-looking apps with all the functionality they need.




Best in class integration

Betty Blocks integrates with core systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more. We also have many partnerships and integrations including Reynen Court, Thomson Reuters HighQ, and iManage. Our customers are adding missing features to their existing IT systems. Using Betty Blocks our customers are transforming their business, our integrations open up the possibilities of solutions that can be built.